Torch shut down after first pierce

Hello all,

Been dealing with a torch shutdown after initial pierce and not continuing cutting the design. Using Sheet Cam for this file as initial setup seems to be easier. I went through all recommendations from help pop up and still no file cut except initial pierce hole…

Kind of wondering…

any advice would be appreciated.


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what errors or pop-ups come on in Firecontrol after the torch shuts off?

Is the work clamp on material you are cutting and what is air pressure setting at torch?

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What is your Pierce delay?

If your pierce delay is set too short it may fire on the first pierce or any restart pierces because Firecontrol adds a little bit of time to these. The second Pierce will be what you set it for in the g code which if it is too short it will not fire.

Torch height too high…Not correct as torch height was within reason. Even checked the THC module before cutting…

Clamp on… Air pressure 60PSI

basic delay is 0.5 seconds

If the torch is not touching the material on initial IHS then you need to lower it on the torch mount. Your torch is too high to continue to fire.

Lower the torch mount till the L is just under the clamp like in the pic.


ah…ok…will do and will let ya know…
even though THC says all is good?

Yes, if the torch isn’t hitting the material before the ihs switch is triggered then it doesn’t know how low/high you are off the material to start off at.

The THC doesn’t set the torch height. The IHS system does that. The THC just uses voltage readings to try to keep the Torch at the height set during the IHS loop.

ok, so how to check that the IHS system is working correctly, if only to eliminate that probem…

The tip of your torch MUST touch the material during the IHS cycle. If it doesn’t then the torch isn’t mounted low enough.

To all those who have Firecontrol systems, does anyone have a GCode snippet that just runs IHS cycles? Seems like an easy piece of code to me…

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Lift up on the Z axis and see if the IHS light turns green in the Firecontrol screen.

The IHS should be grayed out until you lift the Z axis carriage, which opens the IHS switch. If the light is Green ask the time, the switch is open or a wire is unhooked or broken in the IHS wiring. A common issue seems to be the brass ring connector coming loose from the switch.

Seems like I was searching yesterday and seen someone had posted it. I will look for it. I actually checked mine yesterday. I cut a small circle paused mid cut. Had set for .06 but it measured .075

The tack @nicaDd was on is that the torch is mounted too high to touch the material to trip the IHS switch. That’s an easy thing to check with a small GCode snippet.

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It isn’t a file but it is in the thread cut height calibration.

I think Langmuir should add the pic I posted earlier on where to place the torch holder in relation to the z-axis position… it places the torch travel pretty much in the middle of travel in the pos/neg directions with enough room to minor adjustments in either directions.

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Here is code from this IHS Calibration Topic that will just run the IHS cycle.

IHS (188 Bytes)

This will leave your torch height at .063" (minus the true IHS Springback and Backlash of your machine)


Agreed. Its a very common problem and the instruction don’t provide any guidance or explanation of how the IHS system works and why the torch mount needs to be mounted where it does.