Torch head burn up

Hello I have a viper cut 30i and recently had my torch head burn up. Contacted razorweld and said from the picture I provided it seems to be damaged from water, I am using it on a water table set up. I wanted to see what u guys were doing to help keep water out of the torch.

@Avengermike If you’re outside your Razorweld warranty we highly recommend taking the time to upgrade to the X45 torch. It’s better in every way:

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See this post about silicone funnels…

and this post…

and this…look at Mar 15 post.

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Mine did the same thing. It was from the amperage turned up to high or water in the air supply. I had it wrapped in plastic and it was completely dry when I unwrapped and opened the head up. I had to buy a new torch. I was pissed because I didn’t really use it much at the time but i let it sit in the box over a year before I out everything together so it was out of the one year warranty.

Thanks for the replies guys, razorweld customer support was great sold be replacement for cost but I will definitely need to figure something out to keep water out.

There are splashplate designs on FireShare.