Titan 25T (First Machines Shipped!)

Hi Everyone, if you’ve seen from our other forum post, we started shipping the first Titan 25T CNC Press Brake machines this morning!! The engineering team has worked extremely hard the past year+ to bring this product to market, and it’s days like today that make it all worth it for us. We can’t wait to finally get these machines into customers hands and we truly do believe the juice will be worth the squeeze for those that were patient enough to wait!

We know that folks have been eager to get more information about this machine, and in the next few days we will be populating our website with all of the various assembly and operating guides. Normally we don’t do this, but I wanted to also post a draft of our Titan 25T Operating Manual here for deposit customers to read through and get a better sense of how the machine runs and what it can do. We also have many more instructional videos that will be released to supplement the guides and Operating Manual, so stay tuned!


Looks great!

A lot to digest in those 77 pages.

Another manual for my collection.



It is a pretty big deal to be expanding your product line into forming tools.


That 17 TB hard drive will be spinning tonight.:sunglasses:


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Hello! I just put this on FB (and one of the other TITAN 25T forums threads), but wanted to make sure it made it to the good folks here as well…have a read!
Hi Everyone! We wanted to pass along a quick update on how TITAN 25T is progressing! As we noted earlier this week, we have begun shipping, and we’re super excited to get these first units into the hands of our customers! We have sent invitations to the private purchase site up through order # 67422, and for those who have made an order from that site, we have either sent those units this week or will be sending them today or Monday. We will also get back to you soon (we will post more info on our Langmuir Systems Forum - https://forum.langmuirsystems.com) on how far we will get by order number in July and the upcoming months. Of course, we fully assemble and test these units here in Texas, meaning we can only produce so many per month…but we’ll be doing everything we can to get the units out to our customers asap. Here are some more pics of the units getting ready to ship. Also, stop by the forum (same link above) to access the online QuickStart Guide to learn more about the TITAN 25T! Ping us with questions, we’ll do our best to answer! Thank you all for being customers, and happy upcoming 4th of July!


Well this is super frustrating, I am order #69349 and never received any invitations to order dies & punches, just checked spam folder as well and did an email search as well and nothing… Looks like I’ll have to call Monday morning, hope I dont lose my place in line but seems like i already have as machines are already shipping :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Your order number is a long ways away. You wont get an email til shortly before shipping.


They shipped up to 67422. Your 69349.


Ok, just looking forward to getting this and dont want to be left out. Had this happen with another item so dont want to get passed up


Believe me they want your money :money_mouth_face:


I have been wanting to order since these were first announced. However, I have been waiting until pricing for the tooling has been published. I have an Iron Worker and the tooling quickly equaled cost of the machine. A single small punch set is well over $100. Did the machines ship with any dies? The press looks exactly what I am looking for and the manual that you just published looks first class. Please work on info for the tooling. Thanks

DIES PDF.pdf (205.4 KB)
PUNCHES PDF.pdf (151.6 KB)
Here is a current list of punches and dies with prices.

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