Status of Firecontrol under windows 11

I’ve been away from my table over the summer (got many other projects around our place) and just got going on a project. I have a laptop dedicated to my table in the shop, but would like to do some designing on my house laptop, so I downloaded the latest version of Fire Control and installed it, but it won’t load and run. My house laptop is running Windows 11 Pro and Fire Control shows in the programs folder, but when I try to run it it starts to load then just quits even if I use the “run as an administrator” option. My windows install dates back to April of 2023 while the comments on the forum from people who reported Fire Control running under windows 11 are from before that. There WAS a windows update fairly recently so maybe this is a new-ish problem.

Can anyone shed some light on how to get Fire Control running on my house PC? I can design using Qcad and Sheet Cam OK on it but then I have to ‘footnet’ the Q Code to my shop on a flash drive to test it, which is kind of a PITA,

TIA for any help.

Welcome back. I was just thinking about you the other day…honest!

Now just to remind you, you cannot do anything with FireControl when it is NOT connected to the table. It has no life without the table. It really does not have any “design” abilities short of making a straight line or patterning a design that you have loaded into it.

This is all you will get if you are not connected to the table (disregard the red circled items):

It will not even let you load a file if not connected to the table.

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The is no way to make Firecontrol work without being connected to the table.

I have been running Windows 11 for several months now. Even the 23H3 update has not affected FireControl or, for that matter, CutControl.

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Same for me. My new laptop (that connects to table) has the newest Windows 11 and updates.

Interesting. I just checked and I have Win 11 22H2. Maybe I should search for another windows update?

It seems to be an optional update, or at least it was when I did it. When you search for it, it will show that an updates is available but did not act like it was urgent.

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I found that I had paused windows updates except for mandatory ones. I downloaded and installed 23H2 and restarted. When I tried to launch Fire Control (specifically the latest Fire Control 20.6) I got the same results. It will start to load, show the logo with the version number, then it quits.

I wonder if I should uninstall Fire Control then download and install it again… ideas ??

Yes, but uninstall, delete the old folder then reinstall. You still won’t get past the screen I showed you but it is odd that it is not letting you get to that point.

I actually did the same thing that you are/were trying. Once I realized it would never be connected to the table, I deleted, uninstalled from my desktop.


I second removing FireControl and reloading it. Jim is correct; make sure you remove all the files. You can search C drive for FireControl. It will find the folders if there are any.

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Link below says why you can’t use firecontrol offline…


OK, I got it to work. I deleted everything even searched the registry then after restarting I searched again for the download.

THERE WAS ONE SIGNIFICANT DIFFERENCE: The last time I searched I landed on a place in the Langmuir website that had me download version 20.6. THIS TIME I landed on what looked more like a homepage and THERE the download was for version 21.1.5. I have no idea how I managed to find the older version the last time … guess I’ll just blame Google :wink:

Thanks guys.


In the future, if you need anything from Langmuir, this is a better route to take. On the heading on top of the forum, click on “Main Site”
Main Site

Once you are in the main site pick “Support” and then “Downloads.”

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Thanks, I’ll try to remember that.