Stainless 14 gauge line cut. Text at business card size

Made my first attempts at stainless steel langmuir pro today.

14 gauge #4 304 stainless.

I’m using a single line font from fusion 360.
Stencilified the text after I exploded it.

The outer dimension is 2 in x 3.5 in.

I used a fine-cut consumable pack @ 45amps which gave me a .036 kerf. the setting straight are from hypertherm’s cut chart.

Pretty happy with the results.

may try the low speed fine-cut next weekend.


Our website is still a dead link.

you are on fire with your cuts these days…!!!

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Are you using air or argon for stainless, argon is even cleaner with next to no cleanup. They do have special gas mixes for stainless but they aren’t cheap…

I have not used argon yet.
This is just compressed air.
I would like to see less clean up, I should try some argon.

I just looked it up quick in the hypertherm manual the f5 gas that would be neat to try.

It cites this application document

hypertherm 809060

F5 stainless cutting charts

I found this little quote about f5 on the internet.

What is f5 plasma gas?
F5 (5% hydrogen 95% nitrogen) is used primarily for cutting stainless steel. F5 provides fast, oxide-free cuts, however the hydrogen gas introduces a lot of heat into the material.

The only reference I can find to argon being used with the plasma torch is with marking on the hypertherm 45xp.

The three gases that I can find hypertherm using and having cut charts for are

compressed air
f5 hydrogen nitrogen mix.

wonder what f5 is worth?
I’m going to check tomorrow at my local supplier.

With doing the 14 gauge according to their recommendations I wouldn’t be able to use the fine cut consumables and it’s smaller than the 1/4" recommended with using f5

I would like to see how dialed I can get these cards. Some experimenting is in order.

According to the 45 XP service manual.

The dross is the same with F5 and air.

I found this clip and article at esab site while researching water table solutions for my pro

Submerged plasma cutting.

Submerged plasma cutting video

I think the submersion tables likely help with distortion more than they do the oxidization.

Maybe somebody’s doing some immersion and different gas?

I have a few unfinished stainless business cards at the shop I could post a picture so you can see what kind of dross I get with air.

A little peek behind the scenes. Ugly…

Some shots of a straight off the table stainless business card.
No clean up at all.
Running dry compressed air at hypertherm 85 book settings.
finecut consumables at regular speed.

You can see on the first pierce which is the f of there’s more of a divot.the delay was set for about 25% more before I could dial it back in fire control.

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Canadian quarter…converts to 18.5 cents USD.

those are pretty fine letters to cut