So I bought a Crossfire table, now I need a place to put it on the down low and cheap

Cute sign. Looks like a little thickening of the legs and tail joint might be helpful to keep them from bending.

So its been a hectic couple weeks, thanks for all the support.
I haven’t had any real issues until Wednesday night, basically have been cutting something every night after work, signs, bottle openers garden signs etc.

Every cuttime since I got it running, I do same routine…until Wednesday night :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Tuesday night I cut out a 11 x 36 in tree frog group for buddies garden, powered down as usual.

Wednesday night, I fired it up…moved torch out of the way(jogged all axis) put new 48 x 48 sheet on to cut out a 24 x 36 sea turtle for wifes office, I programed sheet cam to start in the middle and skip around some for heat warpage and slug removal.

Set x/y zero, dbl checked everything…cycle start.

Moved to center of part THC did its thing and…1-1/2 cut and low arc voltage alarm! Checked ground yup attached, tried again…same thing.

Crap, shut it down pissed and beaten.

Thursday night fired up as usual, swapped metal out and tried my f bomb. Tap file that has worked awesome.
.nada same shiat…

Today went out with fresh
Tap files, I did this morning :sunrise_over_mountains: .
computer fired right up BUT fire control wouldn’t open, task manager shows it starting but stops at a random 25 to 69 kbs.

Uninstalled, reinstalled twice.

Once from computer and once from fresh download off thumb drive.

It is now saying W7 is not genuine…arghh…I have thev damn disc and sticker still…wouldn’t run after repair, so I am reinstalling windows…again

Just venting

.%@#%×!+ Bill Gates

Back to :goat: shed…

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Sounds like a few things are going on. Seems weird if it ends up being a windows issue.

Well, I brought computer into house again, am now 9:25 est…doing a reinstall.
Installed firecontrol on 2 other computers this morning, no issues at all.
So, my old computer is not working as of an hour ago…let us see what happens this morning…

Browsing Amazon for replacement…may go mini v/s lap top

My PC dropped dead on Thursday morning. Got a new HP tower at Walmart. Now in cloud recovery mode, this will still take a few more days to get all my (474,996) files back. Its no fun when this happens.

At least you got it figured out!

Being able to bring the laptop into the house to work on stuff was a must for me. I didn’t want to have to boot my Mac into windows every time I ran a tool path. I just can’t stand windows. I used to love HPs but the first laptop I got to run the table was a pile of crap. Just felt cheap. Spent another $150 on a dell touchscreen and am much happier.

If I only ran windows though, I’d be tempted to do a mini pc to keep in the garage and only run fire control.

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Well dug out an old laptop running W7 and installed FC yesterday evening and appears all is well, tonight I will move it to table and try it.

Interesting note:

I called Microsoft for shits and giggles, told lady I have disc and original box with sticker and have reloaded it twice and still says not genuine and it is old.
I was told my validation code is expired? WTF? SHE SAID ITS JUST TOO OLD :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

So hopefully this lap top will work for right now.

Also to note, I found this here…dugh and will try it also

FC won’t open…troubleshoot

Let ya’ll now tonight and see if the above fixes it or if it is windows not letting it open

Hectic again. Good news, had this issue about losing arc etc…thought it was computer…nope.

Now FC not opening was…

So I posted this last night or this morning :sunrise_over_mountains:
losing arc

And new cable on the way, and with a small wt holding cable down so I saw 0.0V at idle I made all of these :stuck_out_tongue:

They are not laser engraving or inlays, it will be wall or desk art. We’ll see. Small guys are 1/8 inch scrap and big guy is 14 gage…


How’s the space working out splash/cleanliness wise? I’m operating with a similar space - 78" wide and just tall enough to clear the cable boom.


Cleanliness? Lololol :rofl: under my table now is:

1 mig welder, 1 tig welder, 2 tots of crap and I now have a bunch of scrap pcs of steel supported by all the walls :grinning:

Splash wise its okay, I have a few pcs of aluminum I slide down into water pan in front of material and that helps as a small retaining wall

I am loving it so far, I do have to wear a mask and ear protection.

And need to clean up in thete. I have been making stuff and still have assembly boxes laying around

You are 100% moar organized than me :beer:

By the way…not fair. You have room outside the little cube. :stuck_out_tongue:


I have a suspicious lack of goats though! Thanks for the quick reply, I’m going to have stuff stored under the table too, so I guess that’ll just be how it is for now :slight_smile:

I installed FRP sheets on the wall so they are easier to wipe down, but someone raised the concern about how dirty everything is going to get almost immediately. I think if I have some splash guards around the nozzle it will be manageable, and I don’t expect it to be perfect anyway. It’s meant to be used!

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Great idea!

I just did 2 coats of semi gloss, I will do frp later!

It’s been awhile, still in goat shed due to the kung flu…plan to break ground in March, not looking forward to sorting 22 years of shit and moving it BUT…I will have a shop that i don’t have spend hours tearing down and resetting depending on project.

  1. it is way too tight in there, have had a few issues that required low crawling, spider killer all while upside down and beerless due to…well the issues with low crawling and killing spiders :rofl:

  2. radiator works great, no issues

  3. desiccant tube froze and broke, apparently -5* is not good for them


  1. water tray is still not leaking even after multiple freezes etc.

  2. air compressors have been fine for my use, hooking each magnetic switch up to separate 220v leg and using both preire switches wired together(since they plumbed together as basically on is great.

  3. damn I hate how loud the compressors are running :crazy_face: inside is double earplugs only

Hope all is well :beers:

See ya’lls

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Okay guys and gals… :thinking: crap no picture on phone.

The goat shed now has a secondary operation area… yup powder coat oven!!!

Ya’ll are like “GunTruck1776 , your full of”…well I can attest I am not…posting from the throne :shushing_face:

So, I made room by removing the stupid tool box, computer thingy…and yeah it was stupid…

TThiss how much crap can gather in and on a toolbox :open_mouth:

So I removed the black box and replaced it with this…[no pictures, OP is idiot]

Will try to post in next few days…here’s a couple 1st projects


So…an absolute mess still…

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So…this sucks, gotta be on my knees outside the goat shed to load the parts…1 tap on anything And powder comes off…wop, wop…wop :frowning_face:

So…this only has to work for 2 more months…

Drive on little feller and learn how to powder coat

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So actually attempted to work this afternoon, 4hrs and this was results.

All cut cut on table, all powdercoated and used alien tape to attach different color pcs…

Im beat stupid tired and need another 50amp receptacle so i can run oven and plasma…atleast that doesn’t take alot of space :rofl:

Lets set what tomorrow brings

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Well, definitely need to work on flow…this week after work i just cut, today will be cleanup, welding and painting stuff…oops wrong thread :goat: