So I bought a Crossfire table, now I need a place to put it on the down low and cheap

Preamble: I write like Capt.Kirk talks…so…enjoy

Any and all feedback will be read…ignored?..probably… if I dont like it :stuck_out_tongue:

Day 1,
Where to put it? I don’t have a garage available…it is occupied by Marilyn…and her curves and sexyness, well, it needs to be preserved.

So how about the outbuilding I built 22 years ago?
All wood, including floors and only 1 15 amp 120 out there. I could run some more power, but $$$ and still not good. Then I would have to move other crap somewhere.
The big barn where we had our 6 Alpacas would be great :+1:
Except for needing to run 500+ ft of wire for 100 amp service.
Old chicken coup is too far away plus it needs power run, and its all wood…

Only 2 areas left, the dog lot with the 10x10 cover, which I will take it apart and use it for the forge area.

So that only leaves, the goat lot!

All that say…hell its only me voting so… (bangs gavel down) unanimously I choose the goat lot!!!

So…we move forward with the crooked eyed ones prior home.

…going to go and take pictures and edit this 1st post


So is the goat homeless now or getting relocated?

Have you considered putting it in the kitchen?


If it was in the kitchen, where would I get my sammichs made :thinking:


You wouldn’t have to leave the plasma table to get your sammichs!

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Turn the plasma cutter on low and cook bacon.


Well all the animals have been rehomed, we…ugh…the wife, thought slowing down (after a cancer issue with me)…by the way
(%€=#! $$= Cancer ) would mean lets have a petting zoo a %£_=× farm… so after she saw the hours and $$$ after 6 years…we sold and gave away all the animals.
And we bought some property on the lake and we close on Monday for the adjacent lot!!! NO neighbors :wink: we will start the “5 year plan” Tuesday morning…
The plan?
Have everything paid off and start our forever house build on our new property.
So that is why I am ghetto remodeling to start my business.
We will hack off the current 20 yr house from this property and sell it with a couple acres so we can move to the lake.
Onto the build

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So after getting up and fighting with the stupid Chinese cnc router and mach3…I posted the OP and went to the city.
Got a check for closing and a box of wine, next stop?
Home…so this is it…MWM’s new location …

Yeah baby classic chrome and shiny’s

Old goat entry

After awhile I made this sign for them

Starting point was rough and ÷×+=&/ nasty…made sure to have my mask on

So just like the bionic man…or even #5 we had to disassemble to start

Next is cutting out/down the floor, put some 5/4 board, gravel, wire, concrete and paint the walls.
Then fix electrical because goats love to chew and eat it…and I truly believe they are shockproof and electrocution proof…seenum chew live wires and not trip breakers … :crazy_face: WTF?


So update, this for people that complain about not having enough garage space…hahaha…I laugh at you.

Between rain and rain, I moved both compressors I have to the goat building (these are cheap ones I have had for years, I will use until late summer or when they die) Is it red? Hellz yeah, cheap right now I say free.

Should work with coolers and water filters.

So how do you do this by yourself?

Ratchet straps…lots of ratchet straps


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Tune in next week, for…hold my beer, we are building out a shop :crazy_face:

I’m telling you, your goats are gonna be really pi$$ed!


Perplexed, maybe. Not seeming to be PO’d, however. Then again, as I understand Goats (which isn’t very much), they do spend a LOT of time being perplexed.

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There is hope for the goats after all!

Gotta wonder what kind of lease the goats had, did they know what they were signing?

Their lease came up early…hopefully they didn’t end up on a spit…but then again folks gotta eat tacos…:thinking:



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That’s the kind of thing I do. Come-alongs are great for it.

It drives my wife crazy. She thinks I’m going to kill myself doing things like that do I try to only do it when she’s not around to see. If she asks I just mumble something about Archimedes and levers :wink:

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