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Good day all. I’m a new owner and I’ve recently switched from 360 to SheetCam. I’m designing in Adobe Illustrator, and building settings in SC, so Fusion 360 was overkill for me. One issue that I have found is that my pierce is over-running into my design. I think I am running too much power. I have a Pro with the Razorweld 45 cranked all the way. Should I back it down to around 35? I’m cutting 16 Ga. mild steel at 100 ipm. If anyone is cutting similar material and would like to share their basic SC tool settings, (cut height, plunge rate, etc) I would appreciate it. Cheers!

if you use the little magnifying glass at the top and type in “Cut Chart”…you will find this and many other threads and many more
you will find a online excel sheet with tabs that will truly help your cuts

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That is pretty hot and slow for 16ga steel. I don’t have a Razorweld, but I cut 16ga at 30 amps, 140 ipm with a .4sec pierce delay, .15 pierce height, .06 cut height, 100ipm plunge rate, .2" arc lead in.

You say the pierce is running into your design. Are you using a lead-in?


I’m using a .15 Arc Lead in. I think the issue is the heat, plunge rate, well, everything… I’ve got some things to go off of now and really appreciate your input. Hopefully I won’t be producing any more scrap this weekend… Thanks!

@ds690 is right. Too much power and too slow for the material. He pointed you in the right direction.

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Hey David what cutter do you have? I’m interested in it because i have a HT powermax and just did some test cuts and trying to figure out what is the better way to go for 16G!
I’m in the process of setting up sheetcam.

I’m using an Everlast 52i.

ok thanks so much!

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