Settings to improve small circle cuts - help, please

I’m doing a project that will eventually have 6000 circles cut as a half-tone image screen.

My early tests are giving me less than great lead ins and outs. Using CF Pro, Hypertherm XP45, fine shielded nozzle, 26 gauge coated steel, 40 amps, 300ips cut 250ips lead in and out. Pictures of the cuts and the setting are below.

What might I do differently to improve these cuts.?

Does Fusion not have a “start in the center of circles” option? You might do better with an arc lead in and lower speed. Slowing down for small circles is a common way to get better results. I slow down to 60% of program speed for small circles and arcs.

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I would try changing the lead-in angle to 90deg and increasing the lead-in length to .200 or more. Like ds690 was alluding to, get the pierce closer to the center of the hole.

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