Red wire on Z-Axis location

Hello, new to the forum. I am in the process of assembling my Crossfires pro and was having issues whenever I try to home the torch I would get an alarm every time they hit the limit switches. I tried starting over multiple times and resetting the soft limits, but had no luck. I then checked the wires on the back of all the motors and the red wire going to the back of the X-Axis motor wasn’t connected to anything. Does anyone know where it is supposed to be attached? The black wire is fine. It looks like there isn’t much room inside to attach it anywhere. Any ideas?

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I just looked at mine. I would need to peel back the outer coating of the wire to see the red and black wire. I think you should take a picture and send it to Langmuir. I don’t believe you can fix that yourself if it is the connection at the stepper motor.

Thanks for the reply. I just heard back from Langmuir and they sent me 21 pages of instructions on removing the stepper motor, disassembling it, connecting the wire and reassembling. Wish me luck.


Here is a link to the instructions they sent me.


I gotta save that document. Thanks for posting it.

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I do appreciate having that document. I am very familiar with that wire but you thru us off with “X-axis.” I had a rough time with the terminology myself so no hard feelings intended.

Yes, that z-axis is a bit of a bear because it is not easy to get it apart. I never thought to approach from the top. When I accidently loosened that wire, I did this:

Edit: I changed your title to “Z-axis”. Hope that is okay.

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Yes, thank you.