Recommendation cutting 22 gauge steel

Hello, I am looking for recommendations to cut 22 gauge steel for a few different projects. I have a crossfire with a Razorweld 45 with the TRF-45-6-CC1 torch. I only have the standard tip that came with the plasma from Langmuir Systems and it appears to be 1mm (I don’t see any specs in my Razorweld manual, so I measured the tip opening as best I can with digital calipers).

I’m new to plasma cutting, but from reading posts from this forum, it sounds like cutting 22 gauge can be challenging and it seems like the recommend is for .6 or .8 tip, amps <35 (which requires smaller tip) and high IPM.

I’m guessing by the part number below, that these tips and electrodes are .8mm. Does anyone have any experience with this seller and have any comments on the quality of these, or have another recommendation for a different .8 or .6 tips and electrodes?

Thanks in advance for your help!

Hve you seen this post…I don’t know if it shows 22 ga.

Thanks Agent86! I have seen that thread. I don’t see any mention of 22 gauge in the thread, but I did see 24 gauge steel in the cut chart, which is close. I put the snippet from that sheet in this response in case it helps with any additional suggestions. In the cut chart there is no tip size specified, but I’m assuming it is .6 or .8. I’m a plasma newbie so I’m just guessing because this person used 20 amps and low pressure.

Unless anyone has any further advice, I think I’ll buy these tips and electrodes and I just need to experiment at this point. Thanks!

It’s a .8mm tip.