Razorweld cut 45 wiring cut height wrong

Please list the shield part-number

Should be tecmo 51924

Here is a Tecmo CNC shield

Hey guys, What is the pressure output on my plasma cutter, Mine is dropping to 40 psi while the torch is doing a cut. I checked my compressor pressure and it’s about 170 to 150. Is the pressure set that low from the factory on the rasorweld cut 45

You will need to take the cover off and adjust the air regulator so you are getting at least 65 psi with the air flowing. If it won’t hold the air at that psi then you will need to get a new regulator.

You should only have 120 psi to the plasma cutter max.

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I thought it would be best to upgrade the torch, This one I just bought,

Can you guys let m know if this one takes these tips,