Torch Upgrade parts

I thought it would be best to upgrade the torch, This one I just bought,

Can you guys let m know if this one takes these tips,

There are lots of listings with “45” in the name. I do not know for sure but if I were you look for a listing like is found on the Langmuir site:

or buy from George: @mechanic416.

If you find the part number on a reputable site featuring the exact torch, they will use the model number of each consumable part. The knock-offs will use that same number. But that does not tell you that it is a good knock-off.

Don’t skimp on your consumables when you first start off. You want everything to work at its best when you are first setting up.


Hello Team,
I have just bought the new torch, Looks like the shield is not the same one in the picture on the website.

Do i need to buy a new shield?

Yes. That is a drag shield, I believe.

This would be the type of shield you would need:

The shield you have is called a “drag shield” and is meant to hold to torch at a proper cutting height when using a hand torch by hand. The plasma table needs to touch down and find the surface of the metal and then lift up to the proper cutting height. You would be at twice the appropriate/desired cutting height with that shield. And you would not want the torch being drug on the metal. It is moving too fast and you would tear up the equipment.

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