Razorweld cut 45 wiring cut height wrong

Hello All,
I have the razorweld cut 45 on my crossfire pro wtih Z assembly. I am having problems with cut height and, how my setting are setup in fusion 360. When I run a test cut on the machine it seem like IHC works.

touch’s the metal then retracts, Seems like the cut high stays about 4.4 mm from the metal.

Can anyone here give me a screen shot of your cutting library tool settings for your Razorweld cut 45.
I am stuck. I am going to include my g-code as well for review
solar_project-100.nc (1.3 KB)
Solar_part 4 v4.f3d (129.7 KB)

I did a quick video to cover some of the basic stuff which might be useful starting out.


@3dmasters welcome to the forum.

Welcome to the forum. I have not confirmed any of the settings on these charts. I have Hypertherm. But these are pdf files that have been circulated hundreds of times on this forum:

Razorut 45 Chart.pdf (33.6 KB)

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Thank you, Don that was really helpful, I am stuck on creating the correct size cutting tool,
Do you think you could guide a little on creating a tool for this setup?Don Help

Or is anyone has some tips

Solar_part 5 v1.f3d (189.8 KB)

I sent you a message if you have time to talk. I’m free until the Lions game at 1pm.

Yes i have time to talk, Where is your message :slight_smile:

Should show a green message

Don has probably already told you but it is not setting a different “tool nozzle diameter” to capture contours but to modify the lead-in/lead-outs to fit into the contours. And since you did not have a tool path in your f3d I was not able to see your settings so this is just a quick example.

If the contour is not being selected, try to reduce the lead-in. You can also pick “Preferred lead-in point” of each contour to try to get Fusion360 involved with all contours.

Notice how increasing the Lead-in Radius, Fusion360 drops the “3”, feeling that there is not enough room for the lead-in:

To capture the “3” I picked Preferred Lead-in and kept all the other settings the same:

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Hello Don,

I am having torch blow out now. I take the torch and drag it by hand it cuts just find.

Should i keep on or remove it

I have Hypertherm so have different consumables. Need to see your electrode and this don’t look good.
Someone with your plasma cutter will be more helpful.

Need to be all about what you have for moisture control now.

Looks like you are using a drag shield. Probably cutting way to high. Can trash consumables fast.
How is your air quality?


I need a air dryer, This is my first run with testing the torch. If i drag the torch it cuts fine. Should I remove the drag shield

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You should have a mechanical shield. Some consumables are unshielded. Not sure if yours are unshielded. I wouldn’t cut with that shield you are doubling your cut height. Very hard on your consumables. Cut quality will suffer


Ok, so remove the shield and get a air dryer. How do i find out if it’s shielded? What does your machine look like?\

I have a rw45 and a hypertherm. I will find some pictures.

Best advice would be to order some new consumables and a mechanical shield

Are those the consumables that came with the torch? I have never seen those kind of consumables before. Were did you get them?

@3dmasters @mechanic416 can hook you up with the good goods… He sales the best you can buy for the rw45


George will get you all setup with correct consumables. Now let’s talk about moisture.

These are what I use but with you on the west coast it might be good to hear from someone near you.

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@3dmasters here is my rw45. I only use it for hand cutting now