Razorweld 45 THC only have 1 port unlike instructions

My razorweld only has one port in the front so I’m completely confused how to set everything up. Is this the 50:1 divider port or the torch on off port? It has 2 holes in the port. What do I need to do to get everything to work?

Does anybody know???
Really need this to be running asap.
Is the 2 pin port a 50:1 divider??

Looks like you have an earlier model of the Cut 45 from Razorweld and it does not have a divided arc voltage port. In order to run this on the PRO with THC you will need to tap into raw arc voltage.

Here is a forum post showing how another user did it. WIRING EARLY RAZORWELD CUT 45 Plasma Cutter (without Voltage Divider)

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Did you get it to work. Its been a year since I last had it working and not used it until now. Im back to the drawing board. I dont have that hooked up like the image you have.

That is the trigger plug and has nothing to do with THC.

Ypu mind sharing that trigger plug and where it goes to please. I apologize for the ignorance. I believe someone might have taken it out. My plasma is at my friends shop and thry moved it around. I dont see anything lose or anything that would plug into the torch on/off port. Thanknyou for replying back.

You should have a cable that goes from the plug on the plasma cutter to the plug on the electronics box that is labeled trigger on and off.

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apologizes, are you reffering to the other cable (not the red and black plasma wires) the cable with a cylinder connector? currently thats pluged into the Div input. maybe someone put it there thinking that goes there. man i wish i would have taken pictures before when i had it all working. I dont recall anymore.

The cable from the plasma cutter port on the front goes to the big black Langmuir control box not the THC little box.

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Read through this.



Untitled-4.pdf (1.6 MB)

Here’s what I drew up. Is this correct.