Razorweld 45 cnc machine torch info

So, I get a lot of PM’s about this and have NO issue helping folks out so I can’t find all my old stuff, so if you guys can find MY personal threads link them for me.

Let’s start with once I got it going it has been a beast -5 to 120 in the goat shed…hope to solve my frozen watertable cuts this spring.

Yup…goat shed remodel V2.0 :crazy_face:

So the razorweld machine torch (attached to a cnc razorweld plasma cutter)as delivered to a bunch of folks could possible have issued…like not working.

So 1st thing is to look at torch end

See them 4 pins :thinking:

Technically you only need 2 off them, just make sure they are in correct spots…now I only took 1 extra wire loose…DO NOT TAKE BOTH EXTRA WIRES LOOSE, UNLESS YOU CUT AND INSULATE THEM…note reason later down below

Soapbox off.

See the end piece to the right with grips? 1/8 twist left takes it loose.

Now lightly pull back and up, cover comes off!

Now see that #1 Phillips screw? Take it loose and rest of cover slides back and down on cover.

So pull the yellow wire back and out, post will stay.
Fold it back so you can tuck it in, nothing for it to ground on so you are safe :+1:

Safe :thinking:…read this…

Read this…yes video is long but it shows it firing not even hooked up

Lose yellow wire

Leave #6 black in there. It’s not hurting anything.

Plus if you have yellow and black you need to make sure they can’t touch, cut them and shrink wrap will void warranty I am sure

Both reds will be 1 and 9

Put her back together and test.

If it says arc voltage lost or ?

Turn off the THC…if that fixes it you need to look into other things I can add to this.

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