Protect That Lead Screw! (Guard)

Protect That Lead Screw!

In earlier threads, I had mentioned the vulnerabilties of the lead screws sticking out on the Crossfire Pro. Today I finally got around to making a guard for the right side of my table, but not without an issue or two. When tool pathing in Sheet cam I deleted a few tabs with the back button and didn’t notice till it was to late…:roll_eyes:
Break out the welder and all better. But not before going and fixing the mistake in the file.
I used 12 guage steel, with 1/2" tabs. Should have used 3/8" tabs for easier bending. Used a cut off wheel to take some metal out and bent by hand. Test fit her, then back to the welder to secure the angles.
FIts like a glove, but, you should check your bolt spacing and tweak the file if needed, or enlarge the holes slightly. Mine was 27 1/16"
I’ll be posting the file on Fireshare for those interested in protecting that lead screw with a guard. Just flip and do the left side too.
More pics on my FB page…

Now I feel safe walking around that side. :grinning:


Like that idea for my Crossfire as well. Thinking of doing mine in aluminum, with slot-holes throughout like an AR-15 heat-shield :rofl:

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To clarify, is this to protect it from getting bumped and damaged?

Great work and good mods on your table. I got all my cable chains this weekend after seeing what you did for all that :+1:

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Yeah. My lead screw is right behind me when at my blasting cabinet, and I have to walk by it to get to oxy torch and compressor system. Also can lean over the table a bit to align sheets and such. Pain to straighten I’m sure…lol
The cable chains on the left side, kinda protect the lead screw to an extent, but have plans for a more solid guard. Expensive table deserves a few bucks thrown at it to keep it nice. Have a few other mods that I will share after created and tested out.
Here’s the link.


i cant seem to find this in the file section, did you get it up loaded?

I finally got it uploaded to fireshare. under tools. be sure to check the bolt hole centers against yours. might vary a 32nd or so. and consider making it 2-3 inches longer on each end, to protect the bearing block and the drive motor.
I shared the TAP file as well. Just need to remove the “.JPG” extension with rename.

Thanks, I’ll take a look. If I modify I’ll share it as well. I’ve got a few things I should put up in the files section.

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Nice of you to do that. Folks with multi-purpose spaces could definitely use it to prevent garage stuff from falling against the screws :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks for posting. Great idea.

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You might like the Razor Rack as well. Get your torch above the table. Uses existing bolts. It’s on Fireshare too.