Pros shipping schedule

When will the 2nd batch be shipped
also it was advertised as a production ready machine
so why any I getting motors and assembly parts in boxes shipped to me is the company sending a assembly person with the machine I don’t think. So so money should be compensated for assembly

Based on information posted on the forum it has been almost 2 weeks for shipping notifications for Crossfire Pro batch 2 boxes. I have ordered and received shipping notification for the machine torch holder. Friday seems to be a shipping day so hopefully we will see notifications today(?). I guess the only thing that bothers me is batch 2 orders did not receive a proposed shipping date schedule like they did for batch 1. Not knowing when, even approximately, when boxes will be shipped causes some frustrations.

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Have you ever bought a CNC machine before? Production ready means it’s built for commercial (vs hobby) production demands. Kind of like GM’s Professional Grade trucks. Machines that come pre-assembled say so (check out Hypertherm for instance) or will note that you’ll be up & running in an hour or less.

Your expectations are so far from what is the norm in this space & at this price point you’re likely to be seriously disappointed. They offer a full refund within 30 days of delivery but that will cost you shipping. If you send Support an email and they can probably cancel your shipment and you’d save the cost of shipping it back.

There are a couple of alternative machines you could look into though that will have local support and also the option of onsite installation. They’ll be a bit larger (usually 4x8 or 5x10 sheet size as a minimum) and somewhat pricier (add a 0 or two to the Crossfire) but they’ll match your expectations. They should also be able to supply a training guy to help show how to use it and work through any software issues you encounter.

Jim Colt here worked for Hypertherm for about 40 years he’s a good guy to ask for advice on which table manufacturers were the best. Hypertherm makes a sweet 5x10 table but that’s in the 90K range so you may want to look at the Torchmate line. Jim will be able to fill you in on what to expect and maybe connect you with one of his old contacts.


Its a shame you think because of the price point I should not expect a good product as advertised
The company has had my money since Oct.
it advertised a out of the box ready machine
and delivery in April well April is over in 5 days and I have not received any shipping notice yet.
Just deliver what there sales dept. put out there

So, let’s see… you spent $2500 on a machine without doing any additional research on what it is you’re buying, waiting for it since Oct., and never once looked at the website for additional information like user manual or assembly instructions? I think you should send it back as you’re clearly not satisfied with your purchase - please…


They never advertised it as “out of the box ready”. Their term was “production ready” which refers to its ability to satisfy the needs of a production shop. Your determination to misread the clear text of their copy is not a reflection on them.

Like I said, you’re better off with another machine that will meet your expectations and they’re likely better off if you do that too although they’re too nice and wouldn’t say it.


I agree… he’s gonna want to be spoon fed the whole time without trying to learn anything in his own.

Langmuir is better off paying to return anything they’ve already sent out and wash their hands.


You expected a turnkey CNC for $2500? Did you not even look at the website, YT videos, this forum? You can buy a 4 x 4 Torchmate and have it factory delivered and set up for north of $20k. A Lonestar might set you back $15k.


12031 got notice of 68 1/2 pounds of goodness coming!! . Must be box 2

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You bought it 6+ months ago and just now are finding out it isn’t what you expected? :thinking: You didn’t care/or want to research this?
Are you simply a Troll for Lang, to find out who the loyal groupies are? That must be it :raising_hand_man: this is me still happy, and NO I don’t have all my boxes yet.
Go back under your bridge…oh…( :santa: be nice GunTruck1776)…ok…pretty please :stuck_out_tongue:


Why do I get the idea that you’re the kind of person that drives a squated truck?

And thinks it’s cool.

Just going to throw it out there, if you’re too lazy to read their website, anything on their forum(which you’re clearly on), haven’t searched YouTube or even googled i fo on the machine, in “6 months time”, cnc plasma is not for you. There’s quite a learning curve that comes along with this field, if you can’t do simple things, you’re in for a rude awakening come time to draw parts in cad, run the cam and then understand plasma cutting.

I’m by no means a Langmuir nutswinger, but I’ve dealt with TONS of vendors so far in my journey of life, these guys are hands down some of the absolute best when it comes to customer service. Danny and Mike are super fast to address issues and remedy the situations


Clarification from order #9183 ordered back in the beginning of September 2019. Batch 2 has been shipping since April, in the order that Langmuir had predicted. Furthermore, it was clearly stated it would be shipped in several boxes (3 to be exact, not including any upgrades) as well as needing full assembly too. Between their website and this forum, Langmuir has been completely transparent and keeping all of us up to date. If you’re currently unhappy with your decision or purchase just cancel/return it as there are many others that would love to take your place on line. My recommendation for you would be to educate yourself a bit more about the table, build process and multiple softwares you’re going to need to know to even begin to make this entire system work. Plus be prepared for the unforeseen issues and learning curves that exist with this and any CNC system. Langmuir has done a phenomenal job from market introduction to follow through. If you disagree, part ways now for everyone’s sake! Best of luck with your decision.


How do you drop thousands of dollars on something you didnt read up and do research on?


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