Probably stupid question but good tutoral videos

Ok, probably stupid question, and I’m probably over looking it in video’s even though I’ve been over the Langmuir one’s several times. Is there a good video explaining how to use Fusion 360 cam? I’ve followed them and I still can’t get my lead in to always go on the inside of the letters I’m cutting out, and other objects, and sometimes it just skips letters and objects to cut. This is definitely a learning curve to the 3d Printers I have, and Laser engravers/cutters I have. Attaching a simulation of tool path for something I’m trying to make.

Post your F3D and i can make a couple screen shots with your example.

Frist off !

EXTRUDE your sketch into a body before moving into the Manufacturing (CAM) workspace , it will help selecting tool paths. It eliminates the “which side of the line” issue

Click my Avatar I have a few video there. I should make a CAM specific video one day but life has been busy.

This video is a very basic overview on the fusion process

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Ok, Extruding caused another issue I haven’t ran into before…but I’m sure is common.

My Cardiac Rehab v1.f3d (209.1 KB)
I’ve learned quite a bit from watching Mike Festiva Tutorials, but I’m sure there are better ones. His video’s are what got me to Purchase Langmuir Plasma table that and an Heart Attack…so kinda figured might as well stop putting off what I want to do.


Serious stuff, you ok now? My Dad had a heart Attack then a quad bypass last week. He is now on to a lengthy recover once he is released.

I watched all of Mike Festivas video when I started to research Langmuir, He is great. Videos like his and others on YouTube plus this Forum is why I purchased a Langmuir.

I’m doing better now, thankfully no major damage, and thankfully they just had to do is put a stent in my upper left artery going to my heart…worst thing is I didn’t know I was having a heart attack. No pain at all, just a little short breath when I exert myself a little and best I know how to describe it was felt like a little pressure pushing on my left lung. Called the doctor because I thought I had bronchitis, and is nurse practitioner didn’t hear nothing going on with my lungs, and decided to do an EKG. She printed it out, and left the room. Next thing I know my doctor said an ambulance was on it’s way before he even told me what was going on. Heart Doctor said, that’s why some heart attacks are know as the silent killer…because if I wouldn’t have went to the doctors, I may have not have been here today.


There was a small error in the heart beat which I corrected using the "divide and conquer " method (search above for more information on this method)

but this correction is moot because the gap in narrower (.039) then the average kerf width (.055) found in air plasma so Fusion 360 will not develop a path for this ( “discards” this contour ).

So I change the design to a single line heartbeat, extruded it and move in the manufacturing work space.(make sure to turn on the sketch visibility in the browser bar on the left hand side first )

I developed two tools paths one for the single line heart beat and one for all the other geometry.

Here is the F3D file with the changes . Review the 2d profile menu for the change Ive made.

My Cardiac Rehab v1 tin 1.f3d (692.9 KB)

You ll likely want to use a different tool then I did too. Right click on the toolpath is the browser bar on the left to Edit thew toolpaths.


Glad you are okay and you caught it!

yes me too…I just keep working on getting better. The heart attack was an eye opener…and to keep a better eye on my health.

Oh wow, TinWhisperer you’re amazing. You where able to make the heart beat line look actually pretty much like the one I modeled it from, which is actually from my last session at Cardiac Rehab. Looks better than what I had, that is for sure.


thanks , I used the geometry you had erasing the top and keeping the bottom.

Hopefully You keep up your video’s…I just followed your video with the plate, and was actually able to create the tool paths and simulate it like how you did on your video. The only difference some reason I had to do different is I had to extrude using the other orange extrude instead of the blue one with the e shortcut like yours…not sure why but if I used the blue I got a blank plate without the holes. I see I still have a lot to learn in designing stuff.


Great to hear. I thought about getting a twitch account then when I do a walkthrough like the one I did above I could do it live steaming the feed from my computer. Then you or anyone could watch along.

the orange extrude extrudes lines into surfaces.

the blue extrude extrudes a profile into a body. (you want this one)

something is up. link the F3D.

Also “E” key will bring up extrude.

This is the with the file extruded using the orange extrude Test Plate 2 v2 Master.f3d (127.2 KB) This is the same file using the extrude Blue
Test Plate 1 v1.f3d (101.1 KB)
I’ve actually wondered if there is a setting on my Fusion 360 setting different because even following Mike Festiva’s video’s I’ve had the same issue.

When you have a sketch open is “profiles” checkboxed on?. It’s usually on the right of the screen in the sketch pallet list.

Yes, it is check marked…is it not suppose to be?

It’s good that it’s checked I just thought maybe you weren’t able to select the profile which would have caused your issue with extrude

I tried your plate file and was able to extrude. it must be a setting?

Maybe a question for the fusion 360 forum and I am not sure of what is not allowing this to happen?

I looked at this again and it looks like you selected and holes and plate

there are 5 profiles selected , The plate and 4 holes.

only extrude the plate body (1 profile )

go back to the design workspace space and right click and select edit feature in the bottom left history bar.

now either deselect the 4 holes or cancel all the selections and just select the plate itself.

See if this work for you.

On a side note. I started to learn about twitch ( online streaming service ) and some broadcast software . Hopefully soon I can to do these walkthroughs live and interactively.

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Now online streaming is something I might be able to help you with, if you have any trouble…I’ve done a little of that.

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