PRO Machine Torch Mount

A member recently asked about a machine torch mount for the PRO and I wanted to let you know we will be doing our best to offer these for sale in January. Still working on a price.

The mount will accept machine torch body diameters between 1.25" and 1.75". For reference, 1.375" is the most common diameter for machine torches. There are also three seperate mounting holes for the top clamp so that the clamp to clamp distance can be adjusted for different machine torch lengths.

See pic below!


Is this able to be added to a batch 1 pro order so it ships together?

EDIT: For those with a hypertherm powermax 45 xp, here is your machine torch option guide:

Yes that is the goal- cant make that guarantee just yet though.


Any chance this will incorporate a mag break away… regardless I’ll be adding this to my table or choosing this over the standard mount if that’s an option.

really hoping these are available to ship with the pro tables since I got rid of my 50s and hand torch setup for a 60s and machine torch. I do still have a torch mount from abner, but would rather use the one made for the pro unit

I don’t see much difference in the two from the pictures so I figured I’d stick with my @Lil_Abners_Kustoms mount.

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I’d keep the machine torch mount that you have since it is compatible with both the CrossFire and the PRO.

Do you think this will be ready for Batch 2? If so how can we make sure we get the machine torch mount?

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Yes the machine torch mounts will be available for batch 1 and batch 2 prior to shipping.

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How and when will we know which torch mount to request be included in our unique delivery?

Hi Keith,

Sorry I missed your question. All machines will ship with the hand torch mount. The machine torch mount will be an additional option that can be purchased for about 50 bucks plus shipping.


Will these new machine pro torch holders work with the Hypertherm mini machine torch?

@travelurglobe the standard hand torch will work with the Hypertherm Mini machine torch

Who do we contact about adding one to our pro order

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I’m sorry I missed this- the machine torch mounts will be offered for sale just prior to the date we start shipping machines out.

If i’m currently using a machine torch with my Crossfire, what is the benefit to the Machine torch mount on the Pro?

Theres a few benefits of the machine torch mount. One is that you can hold onto the torch around the body which allows for consumables to be changed out without removing the torch. Another is that it typically will hold the torch more square to the work piece. Lastly, the lower v clamp is much higher off the material which reduces the risk of collision with tip-ups during cutting.

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I’ve just purchased a machine torch and wondering when I can purchase the holder for my new bad ass table I’m getting in January. Please let us know and how we go about doing so. Thank you.

I’m looking at buying THC for my older table help me with that to please. Thank you.

Hi Rob,

The machine torch mounts will be available for sale in early-mid January right around the time we start shipping out machines. Z Axis/THC kits will be available for the CrossFire once we have finished shipping the pre-order CrossFire PRO machines.