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Can someone please help me understand the post processing on this MR1? Multiple tool paths in Fusion post processing with the Langmuir processor do not work? How do you export multiple tool paths if you need to change the tool??
If you process and split the files by tool the paths do not work. If you split them by tool paths the paths do not work.
I have simulated this in Fusion a dozen times and it works fine but it will NOT work when you export the paths. What am I missing here? Fusion forum is stating its Langmuir’s post processor but surely this has been tested??
Does anyone have a better processor that I can use for this machine?

Just post 1 operation at a time. Works perfectly. Change your tool and post the next one. Bamm! Works everyday for me.

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You cant be serious? I have to run a tool path then post another tool path, save it, change the tool then run that path and on and on??

Takes less than a minute to change the tool and set it. I just post by the tool required. I post them all to Google drive and run them by tool. Works for me.
It’s not as bad as it sounds.

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I don’t put mine on the web so i do it by flash drive. I just cannot believe you have to save each tool path individually. That takes a lot of time to post each tool path, rename it, and save it.
Just so I am 100% on what you are saying If I have 5 tool paths on one part I have save each tool path to its own file on my flash drive?
You can NOT save the set up once to multiple files by splitting them??

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You can split them up by tool. I may run three processes with a 1/2 end mill. I run all three together. Them change the tool and proceed. I guess the flash drive would be a pain. Google drive is awesome if you have internet in your shop. Post it and by the time you stand up, its at the MR1 or XR.


I have had issues in the past with my machine on the internet and its really hard for me to remember to turn off wifi after loading a file. I have had my router glitch out from the net and its not purdy
Do you split them the following way?

I just post them by tool. 5 tools 5 posts.
I will try that option in the morning. I never tried to use the no splitting function.

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Please do. Thats my confusion. If you open that No Slitting you have the option to split it by the tool path or by the tool. If you split it by the tool path it completely messes up the path when you load it. If you do it by the tool then the spindle will not turn on. Would love to see if you experience the same thing. Thanks for the help

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I want to say when I tried using the split tool function it just created a separate file with the tool information in it, which was unhelpful.
I select and then post multiple operations using the same tool as @Bigdaddy2166 mentioned above and haven’t had any problems. In that window there should be 2 tabs in the top left, go to the other tab and you should be able to check which ops you want to post together. I recently posted 3 profiling ops at 256k lines and it ran fine even at that amount of g code
Trying to post multiple tools in the same nc program doesn’t work though.


I can’t get it to work either. There is almost no documentation on this function that I can find. Maybe some of the CNC pros can chime in?

Thanks for the replies. At least I know its not on my end. Splitting one part in Fusion with multiple tools only makes more sense but I will try and load them individually when posting.

I found this Fusion 360 plugin helpful for having more control over the splitting and joining process:

I switched to LinuxCNC from Cut Control partially to get better tool changing. Langmuir says they will add this feature to the next version of Cut Control (but no date has been offered). This is what tool changes look like on my MR-1:


Thanks Alex. Do you know of a tutorial to walk someone through this set up? I am assuming you delete the Langmuir processor or is this just a way to export the files? I am a bit confused on this but sure willing to try it.
Does anyone know what happens if you post the entire set up into one folder with different tools in the paths? Will the each program stop to allow for tool change?

Is it possible to add a M6 tool change into Langmuirs post process that could be included in the NO SPLIT option??

Cut Control doesn’t support M6 or T commands today. From Langmuir’s comments this is coming – so maybe wait?

Switching to LinuxCNC as I’ve done is a medium-sized project if you are comfortable with tech and basic wiring, but would be a big one if that isn’t an area that you are already comfortable with. I shared all of my notes but they are not an end to end how-to, just notes specific to the MR-1 for people who can figure out the rest.

The plugin that I linked to has some features even without tool changes:

  • Post-processed files are named after the setup (much easier than digging two layers into a dialog to change the filename)
  • A single button can output all setups for a program
  • Flexibility in how programs are split or joined

I use a different fusion 360 setup for each tool and post a separate fusion 360 NC program for each setup. I also have a folder for each actual physical setup.

I keep everything well named and orderly. When I’m ready to run, I setup the part and run through the folder. Google drive keeps everything synced well.

I thought the lack of manual tool change in the Gcode would be a bummer but it hasn’t bothered me. I walk over to the machine, send it to front, open the next file in the series, and change out the tool. Not having to open the next file and having the machine return to front automatically would save me maybe 30-45 seconds? Not negligible, but not really upsetting for me.


You can export all ops together if they use the same tool. Break them up by tool, not individual ops. Allegedly they’re going to fix this issue before the end of the world. lol

The plus side of that is I personally think the end is not to far off :rofl:

Guess that’s me point is you have to save each tool path individually which seems to be more of a nuisance than anything. I also use Vectric Aspire for my router table and I can create 50 tool paths in it. Some have the same tool and some don’t but I can export it all into one file name and then it automatically each path individually under the name I gave it when I created the path. This is super easy and seems kinda obvious. The option is in Fusion under the Langmuir post processor so I would have thought it would be an option a fella could use.
I will just export them individually like the they did in the stone age and pray for the end to come soon :smile:

It seems like a ridiculous oversight to not have the ability to combine tools from the initial release. I have to post 8-10 ops for some of my parts, and it’s annoying, ESPECIALLY when I’ve made edits that affect all of them at the same time.

I fear it not being too far off means I won’t get to post many combined ops before it’s too late. lol

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