Plasma choice for Pro Table

I’m guessing that the great majority of PRO buyers are already seasoned LS users, I’d like to poll the masses in my choice of new Plasma Cutter for my Pro table when it arrives.

I currently use a Miller 375X with my X-Fire and whileit’s great for that table, it won’t be a good fit on the new table. I purchased THC and really want to be able to exploit all the features. I have heard mixed reviews on the Razorweld machines and am currently leaning towards a Hypertherm 45XP, likely with the machine torch (will keep my Miller around for hand torching). The price point of the Razorweld is compelling at half the price, but the Hypertherm seems to be a favorite. The razorweld is obviously LS’s “house choice” so that’s compelling also…

What’s the general consensus amongst the existing LS user base? What should I buy?

Well it all depends on what you want to cut i guess, and what you have to spend. I use a vipercut 30i . I see lots of negative feed back on razorweld cutters but I have never had an issue with mine . I have been using it right at a year now, probably well over 100 projects. I mainly cut 16 G acasional 1/8. Im sure the Hypertherm would last a life time. When the time comes im planning on the 45xp or something close. Its like a car I guess. Even the cheapest have some that last forever. And the highest there are some that are prone to breaking down. Its a personal choice. If ya got the extra funds go big.

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Get the 45xp or bigger.

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I’ve used my Razorcut45 from day one ,
Had one issue with it I fixed myself easily.
Aside from that . I’m very pleased with it.
Once I got the right consumables for it it cut even better.
Mine will just transfer over to my pro table .


I had the 45xp before I got my table. It’s been an awesome machine. I would get it or a bigger hypertherm if I did it over again.

I picked up an older hypertherm 45 used with a hand torch, bought the duromax machine torch to be able to use both the regular and fine cut consumables. I can’t imagine using something else and will be looking for another one as a backup or to keep on the smaller table should I decide to keep it as well. The only plasma I’ve ever used and no complaints.


Similar to the above, I had a Miller Spectrum 375 X-Treme and sold it for a lightly used Hypertherm Powermax 45XP w/CPC. I don’t see a 30a machine being able to max out the capabilities of this table.

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Does the 45XP need the std CPC port upgrade option or the CPC port upgrade with RS-485?
Working on pricing one out…

which consumables did you go with ?

Why do you feel that the 375 isn’ta good fit with the THC on the pro? I’ve got a 625, and it’s my first table… should I be concerned?


@rdrider the 375 doesn’t have any CNC ports or capability, unlike your 625 that probably does. Don’t get me wrong, on the small table my 375 has been fantastic.

My 625 is the older version that doesn’t have the port on the front either…

I’ll be running a Miller 625 Xtreme with CNC board (adds the RJ45 jack on front for 50:1 voltage, arc move ok, and torch on/off) and 25’ machine torch. Mine is a 2018 model with the quick disconnect torch - the older models don’t have the quick disconnect torch or CNC option I believe but can be wired for torch on/off.

Also as info - I’m not sure Miller is offering the CNC option on the 625 anymore for 2020 and later models (don’t quote me - call Miller support to be sure) - the 875 will have it, though.

Ended up buying a Hypertherm 45XP with Machine and Hand torch, pendant and CPC port (package 88123), plan on using the fine cut consumables in it but I’ll probably try out the consumables it came with 1st and see if I need to.

Just ordered the same setup yesterday 88123. With the same thought. Use the consumables that it comes with to dial it in then switch.

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Thinking about getting the same you 2 did. where did you purchase and how much if i may ask . ?

The package included everything in the 088123 kit plus a hand torch consumables kit and a machine cover. There web site has them listed for 2855.00 but I called them and got them to knock a 100 bucks off. Free shipping also.

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Thanks for the info i wil check into it. I dont need the hand torch , just the mchine torch beens it will be for the table only and i have 2-30 amp ones with hand torches.

@jimt I bought from the same place as @hawkfabshop --have had great experience with them before and price checked around the internet and it was the best deal going, bakergas was a close second but their package didn’t include the extra consumables and dust cover.

How is the fine cut consumable life span with PM 45 and Duramax torch? I’m torn with getting the XP or just getting a Duramax machine torch for what I have. My old PM 45 has been flawless for 8 years.