PC and cabinet Prepped for MR1

I’m in the first group so hopefully my machine ships out today! I can’t wait!

I am not a touch screen fan and wanted to get something setup with some tooling storage. Enter the super budget combo of HF box, laminate flooring work top, and eBay refurbished Win10 PC.


Got email today that they’re on another delay.

I’m not shocked. Disappointing but this is an ambitious project and delays happen.


What did the email say? I’m in the first round and didn’t receive an email.

I emailed them.

Langmuir Systems Help (Langmuir Systems)

Sep 9, 2022, 10:00 PDT

Hi John,

Unfortunately, we are working through another delay. The details are coming soon!

Our apologies for the inconvenience, and we appreciate your continued patience!


Been preparing my area for when the unit arrives . built a new workspace for CAD/CAM items such as building new computers to run fusion 360 “have 3 year licenses”. Installed a new heat pump and ran underground electrical wiring. Doing pretty much all the construction myself with a friend from High School.

This is the room where it will be placed into when complete going to be doing some floor changes as it will be placed near the hallway that was a window when this photo was taken.


nice work station.

How do you find using a curved monitor for CAD? I looked into getting a large curved monitor but while researching I found quite a debate on the subject.

Some people feel it cause some distortion because most game are played in a Perspective view (which prefect for a curved monitor) while CAD commonly done in an Orthographic view.

How is it working for you?

I currently have 4 flat monitors running together but I have been looking to upgrade.


All of our drafters and architects use curved monitors and seem to really like them. I have to admit I was skeptical but seems I was wrong

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I ve spent more time drafting at a analog drafting table or on the bench then on the computer, so this my be my attachment to flatness.

@72Pony That is great to know it work for them. Older or Younger Draftsmen? (draughtsperson)

I should maybe try a curved monitor fix before buying one.

During my research in the past I came across a few hundred articles like this, which have me questioning it.

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Really happy with it I been using various versions and really with the new more curved display you really see everything pretty much the same distance.


Both older and younger draftsmen are using them. It started with 1 architect and continued to where all architects and drafters had them. Started the switch I want to say two years ago. So far nobody has asked to go back.

Sounds like you might be a better fit to be an engineer… at least In our office. Some of us are still using CRT monitors and our calculators have more power than our computers… okay so I may have exaggerated the CRT part a little. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


In my office I have a vemco 612 and a vemco v-track mark 12. And back in sheet metal school every one of our desks was a vemco 612 table.

These are just random pics of the internet my office isnt in any shape for public pictures. Lol.

Definitely use the computer 99% of the time now.

But at the bench I still use the tried and true tools.


PEB that is a super nice work area you’ve set up! If my budget allowed for a curved monitor I’d get one too. My wife has dual curved 24’s in her home office and a coworker has a 48 curved. They both rave about them.

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B&H sells
ASUS Republic of Gamers Strix XG49VQ 49" 32:9 Ultra-Wide Curved 144 Hz FreeSync LCD Gaming Monitor" 650 dollars doesn’t seem like a bad deal B&H photo though FreeSync only for full capabilities. My Samsung 5K 240hz monitor paid 925.00 for it new when it first came out it was over 2,000 dollars. I picked up a refurbished 5k 240hz for 825. If your budget allows there is factory refurbished NEO 49 inch curved for 1,400.00 dollars. That is likely higher then you want. There are used non NEO G9’s for 450 to 600 on Ebay. The NEO’s have the best color reproduction and brightness but new technology missed out buying them.

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Huge difference in real estate between those two monitors.

The Asus 49-inch 32:9 (3840 x 1080)

4.1 million pixels.

And the Samsung g9 49-in (5120x1440)

7.4 million pixels.

About half the real estate.

That g9 monitor is the one I’ve been looking at and coveting for a couple years. The only thing that was keeping me from pulling the trigger was during my research all the articles warning about distortion during Cad and architecture work.

I also think that being you have a r1000 monitor the tighter curvature keeps her head more in the center of the field of view and may alleviate the distortion effect. Where is historically those curve monitors came in a r 1500 or 1800 or 2,000 we’re at a desk you couldn’t sit far enough away from the monitor to be in the center of field of view.

Well I have a lot to think about now seems like the curve monitor might be back on the table…(pun intended)

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Honestly I do not see much or any difference with both the 5K and the 4K monitors but the 5K is brighter and the font looks better oh more of a curve but is it worth the 300 dollar or so price difference depends on how important these things are to someone. Here is my motion simulator I designed for fun. It’s running with the 49 inch LG panel in the Asus and older Samsung at 144hz. This is the Samsung monitor I am using in the motion simulator I designed the actuators, motion controls hardware.


We have a small machine shop area at our makerspace. The MR-1 will be placed about where I’m standing to take the photo.


I would love to get together with some people in my area to setup a maker space.