Сontour and circle cutting quality

Need your advice. I’m tired of experimenting. Maybe someone has come across this?

I use
CrossFire Pro CTC systems.
Current 30A


you have Lead-in…but you do not have lead-out with an overlap…once you put that in your settings you will have better cuts

Check your lead out box like @toolboy said.

Also why are you using a center line cutting path? change that to left under sideways compensation.

And maybe a slightly smaller finishing overlap

Change your lead in angle to 60.

What material thickness are we working with here?

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changed the input and output of the circle and the circle became better. but the outer circuit disappears when the plasma exits and does not operate the output circuit, that is, the protrusion of the outer circuit remains

Can you export and post your *.f3d file?

You think you could screenshot this I’m not sure what you mean by your description?

This link has a test file in it which is the same circle square file you have could you give it a try?

Test Cut square and circle in center v3.f3d (91.6 KB)

I set the input and output

sheet metal thickness 0.025 in

wait a second…your circle is not round and your square is off…check your couplers…I think you are slipping a bit…

that top of the square does not line up…

re-photograph the last cut

Wow that is super thin 24 gauge ish?

If that’s really 24 gauge you might as well just set your machine for 250 in per minute

Coupler slip was starting to come into my thought process too when I saw that photo.

I still see it on that last photo…the op line of the square is off…

@Hennadii Maybe a good time to grab a 3 mm allen and give a extra snug to all your motor couplers.

Try to cut that file I linked you see what it looks like.

I thought so too, I tightened all the engine screws

I just tried to cut your test but I think you have less delay than I need. if I set the delay to less than 0.5, then my plasma lights up, moves to the quarter and stops

Increase the Pierce delay in fire control. Add 20% or whatever gets your torch going

can you send me .f3d
file ?

I’m away from my computer in a crawl space when I get back to it I can.

thanks you

test square 100 ipm.f3d (89.3 KB)