On track to start shipping MR-1 at the end of this month

Don’t worry take the time and do it right :sunglasses:


Amazon has definitely impacted consumer expectations. LS is missing by 3 days if they hit Thursday. For a date set the better part of a year in advance with an enormous pile of unknowns in the way to bring a brand new, very big product to market.

I wonder how many folks would have posted “this is so unexpected, I’m really excited and appreciative” if they had shipped last Friday. I’m betting that it would have been a cricket festival.



Guess I triggered the forum defense mechanism.

Not a hater guys. Just eager to get my machine like everyone else. Sorry if I offended @jamesdhatch or anyone else. Guess I should have just stuck with “Dagnabbit!”

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All good pal. Not sleeping well either…I have all the tooling ready. Even bought the cement.
Wife thinks I’m nuts.


Not offended. But I’ve been here since near the beginning (Crossfire OG) and I’m always amazed they keep doing this when most of the acknowledgement they get for their efforts is negative.

I’m in the IT space and see it all the time. We’re expected to create a project plan a year in advance of getting all the requirements but be able to predict the day and even the hour sometimes when the customer will go-live on their new system. Like there’s some crystal ball that reveals all the hiccups, setbacks and just plain “oops” that happen in new product development.

I’m pretty amazed they’ve come out with 2 major new products in about a year in the middle of the worst supply chain disruptions in our lifetime. But since they’re a couple of days late they get a “didn’t really expect them to do it” kind of comment. I hope their wives are more affirming than we are :smiley:


Damn! I’m going to get a lemon for sure now. Sorry @langmuir-daniel

My comment was thoughtless and unwarranted.

Thanks for setting me straight @jamesdhatch


Or the best one going out the door - just so they don’t look like they’re looking for nice comments :laughing:

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@langmuir-daniel If picking up my machine, what will pick-up hours be while getting these out?

Just got an Email from Langmuir on shipping date of first batch of machines. Aug shipments will go out September 9.
I can do this??? I keep telling myself.

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Way to show restraint this time. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::joy:

Yes sir restraint!!! :crazy_face:

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I’m not even the slightest bit upset! I was getting anxious that they would say it’s ready friday and I won’t be in town! I can get a lot done by the 9th. Also it’s a good idea to polish up the software and installation manual before deliveries. That could be a headache sending out machines without manuals… not that I read those anyway :wink:

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Hi there. I am waiting and excited, but my shipping date is also been delayed until Nov 17. I purchased at 3:01 and con. mail also at 3:01. order # ending in 251.
What is your last 3 order numbers I wonder ?

anyone have a earlier number?

You might want to check out this topic: MR-1 Order Numbers - Post Them Here

The first order based on what has been posted is probably around 40872 or 71.