MR-1 Order Number - Post them here!

Lets see how the pre-orders went! Post your order number here!


58974568702 December 15-30 2056

August 15-30th estimate.

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August 15-30th

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August 15-29th

August 15-29th

Order #41451

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Oct 24 - Nov 7

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@greysonvalleyRR I knew time travel was possible!

41502 I got screwed on both my browsers. Neither would let me pay with card after having issues prior to that. Finally I had to use my phone to check out and I think Im Early November.

41008 baby! YOUR MR-1 ESTIMATED SHIPPING WINDOW: August 15 - August 29, 2022

Pretty happy with that … with the risk of being in the first batch of course lol.



Same here, blocked 3rd party cookie caused me a 20 minute delay.

41558, Oct24-Nov7 shipping, I’m letting them do the assembly.

Oh sorry to hear that … that would have been super frustrating if you know a clock is ticking and you are scambling.

41286 for fully assembled model (Oct 24th - Nov 7th) delivery timing. Cant wait…

That sux. all my browsers and phone kept giving me a pop up about the time. Then when it finally allowed me to get into cart it was fighting me. But oh well, hopefully production is smoother than the XR. Gives me more time to play with the programming side of things, which is scarce!

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Pretty sure I’m December 22

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Seems the fully assembled people have a later dated.

It says that on the order page.
Screen Shot 2022-04-26 at 3.57.26 PM

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