On track to start shipping MR-1 at the end of this month

Just a heads up that anyone with an August ship date will receive an email on Monday to finalize their orders and supply balance payment. Much more information will be provided in the emails, but we are tracking to get all of the August orders out before the end of the month.

Assembly manual is complete will be uploaded to the website next week. We’ve got quite a few more videos we need to complete before things ship out but we are tracking to our schedule quite well. Software is nearing completion and will be available for download at the end of the month.


All ready! Very excited about this.

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OK I’m on my way!

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Just a friendly heads up that you’ll need to follow the balance payment process laid out in the email getting sent today (assuming you have an august ship date). From there you can elect to do a local pickup by scheduling a pickup window with our support team. All pickups are by appointment only.


No email yet 5:00 est. I have an August 15 - 29th ship date. Has anyone gotten one yet?
I have 10k burning a hole in my pocket, Daniel!!!

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Lol- putting the last final touches on it with the team at the moment. It is going out here soon.

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Thanks… for the update.

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Balance payment process complete with new order number.

Be careful double checking your orders before payment. There were a couple items not checked off that were on my initial order confirmation.

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Mine to. I’ll email them tomorrow. Big parts over though.

ummmm… none we checked on my original order so i recreated it… did I just buy double? it did seem like i paid more then originally quoted. @langmuir-daniel ???

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I also had to recreate a new list. Forgot to check smw vises. I’m sure they will get them to me after paying for them separately.

Any chance of anyone pulling out in Aug. just asking for a friend lol. My date is in Sept ha ha and ordered within 3 mins of posting.

Sept. In 3 minutes? I had mine in by 3:01 and confirmation email at 3:02 and they put me to the end of Oct.

I am building it instead of them so my delivery I thought would be end of Aug now looks the end of Sept.

I am assembling myself also, that’s half the fun.

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Todays the 29th. I am checking my email every 5 minutes… don’t let me down boys.

Hey guys, sorry i posted an update on the facebook group but forgot to post the same here:

Hey ya’ll, we’ve been really pushing to get the first batch out on Monday (technically the last day in the estimated shipping window) but it’s looking like probably Thursday is when they’ll ship out.

At the moment all of the accessories and add ons are boxed up ready to go. All of the core machine items are complete and packaged as well. We’re nearing completion of the electronics assemblies and X/Z carriage and spindle assemblies and I anticipate they’ll all be complete and boxed by Tuesday. It’ll take us a few days to get them all crated up and then out the door.

Assembly manual is complete and about 75% of the way to being fully uploaded on the site. We have a few more insert videos to shoot that compliment some of the more intricate assembly steps in the manual. I think most will find the assembly is quite simple and straightforward. The assembly manual will be uploaded before machines start hitting driveways.

Looking ahead to September orders, things are looking really good. We’ve got all the parts, labor, and tooling to make it happen.


@langmuir-daniel Dagnabbit!

I’ll have to admit, I never had the warm fuzzies about LS hitting their ship window, especially after the first email update. I get it. A lot of moving parts to make this happen. Still disappointing though.

Its tough dealing with China and California port of entry. Even the Texas port. Not sure where they get all this stuff from?