OMFG, the dots.....THE DOTS

I’ve gotta walk away for a while, they are KILLING me. The text it is going to destroy me.

Thought I’d save file and upload into inscape, cannot. Unless I pay for it, at least that’s what I see. Where do I go from here? I’d upload the complete file but I cannot find it to do so it is hidden in Fusion somewhere!!! I tried to export but it won’t let me attach. Oh lord I feel frantic inside…I’m going to step away and put an axle back together.

(Guess this is me pleading for help)

Zip and post your F3D file.
Or post your DXF
Or even an SVG.

I’m off today so I’ll be able to sit in front of the computer and look at it for a bit. I could likely construct a relatively quick walk-through video that would show you how to take this file from inserting it to exporting a *.NC file

My guess this file was made with some sort of converter at one point?

On the left hand side find sketches right click on sketches and it’ll give you the ability to save as DXF.

You should be able to export a f3d file from the top bar

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Being there’s a green line around it it looks like you inserted an SVG.

The green line signifies that it’s a locked drawing.

In the top bar under constraints there’s an icon that looks like a red padlock use this icon to unlock the drawing and turn it from green to blue

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FallYall (379.6 KB)

The pumpkins were SVGs the text I downloaded from 1001texts.


@TinWhisperer So I extruded the image the created a new sketch and projected to the new plane. Is that a long way around?

Going to start looking at it now .ended up out in the shop for a couple hours.

extruding and projecting can clean up a image some and delete constraints in the new DXF exported
great first step

Just some overlapping lines and not connected lines.
This one is good.
fall.dxf (464.8 KB)

tin fall yall cleaner.dxf (331.6 KB)

@Fortifyfabworks beat me be 2 mintues . lol

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Fall Y all (1.1 MB)

Fall Y (55.6 KB)

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Awesome, thanks guys! Cannot wait to get back home to get some new skills.

I find it crazy how much you gotta zoom in to see the broken lines. Also when I do my computer starts getting a little crazy. Probably outdated, laptop is maybe 6 years old.

It’s a pretty dirty SVG lots of poly lines.
Even my desktop grunted a little bit lifting that file.

@Fortifyfabworks give me some great advice some time ago to download an app for fusion 360 called sketch checker very nice for checking dirty svgs.

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I’ll check that out, hope it MAC friendly.

When Apple started airing this commercial that was the end of me ever even considering buying anything made by them.

I don’t know why even watching it today bugs me.

I’m not Apple friendly, kind of out weighed here. Colleges pushing the Apple and wife and kids all Apple. I’m now the minority sadly, they will have to pry the android from my cold dead hand.


I loved, LOVED the sorcery you did with the one click and it gave you the cuts. (Put that one in my notebook)


Extrude allows the 2D profile menu when you’re selecting geometry to know what’s inside or outside so it can automatically select the majority of it.

One of the huge advantages of using bodies instead of sketch geometry once you entered the manufacturing space.

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I ran the dxf file through Vcarve Pro, reduced the number of nodes, joined all open vectors, looks better now.
It’s Fall Yall.dxf (138.7 KB)

Comparing the files

@Highpockets Version

138.7 KB 3330 pieces of geometry definitely lighter running in f360

fall yall  follow up 2

@TinWhisperer Version

331.6 KB 1879 pieces of geometry definitely more resource heavy in fusion360

fall yall  follow up tin 2

So odd. Fusion has a few tools for node reduction and smoothing then I haven’t really played with yet.

So much i still have to learn about vectorizing.

I love seeing the different ways of doing this

Top Version is @Highpockets

Bottom Version is @TinWhisperer

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Between the two… Does that actually translate to any different cut quality? Or is it a time perspective?