Old .nc file new plasma cutter

I recently changed my setup from a Crossfire Pro with an Everlast 82i to a Crossfire XR with a Hypertherm 45. I am setting up all of my toolpaths to run at 45 amps and just adjust the speed to obtain the best cut quality, I adjusted the amps as well on the Everlast setup. I also had to set my cut height to .025 to get the correct .06 cut height. Still unsure why this has been an issue, the Everlast was around .036.

Many of my old files are only saved as .nc programs with a toolpath set for the Everlast, and I would like to get them back into fusion360 to update to toolpath settings for the Hypertherm.

Is there a quick and easy way to do this? I am not having luck uploading the .nc files back to fusion. The files I have attempted to upload will load up in my Admin files but will not open.

@BenWeld welcome to the forum

It’s not easy to unbake the cake. Using a program like g code ripper you can create a dxf file from a NC file. There is a catch, dxf created by g code Ripper will be almost the same as the original minus the kerf width.

If it’s just the cut height you need to modify you can manually change the g code. There are different G-Code viewers some of which can find and replace certain instances in the code. ( Like the cut height throughout the document)

There is a link to g code Ripper it this topic.


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You are not the first and unforuneately not the last who has saved files like this…I am sorry you have found yourself in this position.
I do hope this does not become a huge project for yourself.

@TinWhisperer is right on the money as usual…

One thing I would like people to hopefully do in the future is to save a G-code file with a copy of the orriginal…either keep it in the same folder as the cut file or create a seperate section of all orriginal drawings…

the extra storage space used to keep back-ups is so little that is just makes sense.

I have my database set up into catagories and broken down from there to small catagories…so no matter what I am looking for I have a tap file and a DXF or SVG file right there beside it. This allows me to alter drawings or send them to friends to use.