No live voltage

I have a pro table that was using an Everlast 50S with raw voltage in the VIM box.

I just upgraded to a Hypertherm 45XP with the Langmuir plug n play cable. I am NOT getting any reading on live voltage now so it stops running immediately because live voltage is lost with the THC. What could it be? What have I done wrong?

My voltage is also zero when I fire the torch on the material manually. I am not getting any voltage reading.

I’m an idiot. I got it. I am so dumb.

I did not move the RAW output to DIV output!!! That has to be it right. Dammit.

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Yes that would definitely cause the issue. Did that fix it? Thanks!

Yes. I feel like an idiot. Stumped me for about 30 minutes. All of your support everywhere linked back to “you have to have it wired wrong” and as I looked at it again it clicked “you changed input. What about output?”

I vote to leave this up so if anyone else is as dumb as I am.

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ahma follow this for that ‘slap on the forehead’ moment for myself :wink:

There are no dumb questions! Live and learn!

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Yes, live and learn…example don’t open a beer at 9pm, take a sip and expect it to be good at 7am :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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where did you move it at im stumnped

If you are having THC voltage issues I highly recommend going through our guide here: LS-THC Arc Voltage Troubleshooting Guide

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Hey Everyone, Thought I would put it up on the forum see if anyone can help out. I am also seeing 0 live volts (See Pic) I can toggle control the THC unit manually. I have even gone as far back as to re-open the electrical enclosure to ensure the THC module is installed correctly. I am running a hypertherm 45Xp with machine torch with the plug and play cable ( Also Triple checked x 100 ) that cable is correct, ( Maybe still wrong ??)

If anyone could please help out, I am yet to make a cut on my X fire pro so i am as green as they come.!


did you get this fixed? having same problem

What problem are you having? The live voltage is supposed to be zero unless the torch is firing.

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yes, it was a faulty unit, Langmuir replaced some parts for me. I cant remember what. The table is working very well now. Sorry I cant be more help.

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