Newbie needs help with setup of Gen2 Xfire & Firecontrol

New bee need help with set up of new gen 2 and fire control and thc

I changed the post’s title so folks would see it for what it is (not a link to the Langmuir website).

@brownfox does a lot of personalized support for folks - he should see this now and can respond.

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Depends on what exactly you need help with? Actual assembly or demystifying the process of design, toolpathing, and cutting?

Hi–got machine up and moving xy&z but cant get firecontrol to fire torch , or arc volts. have everlast i82 an have set to 50/1 . got torch too fire with trigger .

Hi–got machine up and moving xy&z but cant get firecontrol to fire torch , or arc volts. have everlast i82 an have set to 50/1 . got torch too fire with trigger .

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Follow these steps:

  1. Press ‘manual torch fire’ in FireControl and then listen for the clicking relay sound coming from inside the electronics box. If you dont hear it, remove the cover and make sure that the relay is pushed all the way into slot on the motion control board. If it is and still no click, send an email to
  2. If your relay clicks, verify that your torch wiring is correct. With the plasma cutter off, squeeze the trigger and then check for continuity between the two contacts on the end of the torch fire cable where it plugs into the electronics box. If there is no continuity, then you have a wiring problem you need to sort out. If there is continuity, move to next step.
  3. Press the manual torch fire button in FireControl with the torch fire cable disconnected. Check continuity between the two contacts on the THC port on the electronics box. If you do not have continuity, its probably a bad harness inside the box. Send an email to if you run into this.
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if you search the forum for everlast you will find that you are going to have problems with the 50:1 pins on the back of the machine.
I highly recommend that you open the plasma machine and connect directly to the terminals inside the machine.
here is the thread…look about halfway down the thread and you will see my pictures showing exactly where to tie in for RAW voltage for the Langmuir box…
Again…divided Voltage on Everlast is not reliable…go to the main terminals for raw voltage.

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Let’s clarify this statement. “On a Langmuir system with Langmuir VIM/THC divided Voltage on Everlast is not reliable.” That we know. We don’t know about any other usage of these pins and, I suspect, they would work very well with another THC system.

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thank you…well put…you are correct…I sit corrected…

httpall steps checked out OK. I wonder if firecontrol down loaded right? thc says v1.10 and crossf[re v1.2ls on read out[quote=“Denny, post:1, topic:15480, full:true”]
New bee need help with set up of new gen 2 and fire control and thc

we want to help but you are not very understandable…we have offered solutions to you but very little feedback from you in return.

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toolboy thank you – I am computer idiot- I have tried to answer but I hit reply write back but it cancelled my post still need help but will have to learn how to use computer.

ok…thanks for the explanation.
if you have a hard time using a computer I hate to say this is a large learning curve for you…very large.

I am not some young kid with computer skills…most guys…and gals… here are in the…I would guess…the later that 50 age…I know of a few in the late 60’s…heck we even had a 8o year old here.

But this takes a lot of computer skills…and being able to search here and the web for information and help videos is a major part of the learning.
some people think it is set it up and go…nope…

here are some basic skills you will need to get going.

  • how to save and open files…where to find them and what the last letters mean
  • how to download files from the web…what to look for and how to save them ad where to find them
  • know what SVG TAP DFX files are like
  • figure out what software you are going to use to do your drawings and modifications to files and drawings you can download and buy…this is called the CAD software…since you are new I would recommend Inkscape as it is free and there are lots of videos on Youtube for learning
    *then you need to get a software to take those files and convert them to a format that Firecontrol uses…this is CAM software…the easier to learn is Sheetcam available through Langmuir at a discount.
    *the last part of this is the Firecontrol…it is the easiest by far I found…it runs the table…

this is just the start of eating the elephant…one bite at a time…

we will try to help you through this…be patient

Thank you for the reply I have she can paid for are using scape and I do know a little bit about the files but I get confused easy I’m only 80 so I better not a hard category but I appreciate any help I can get because I have trouble finding my way through the program and figuring out if I’m doing the right program to the right program and what area but it’s just old age creeping in I remember the story when I was young I used to run down the hill and flirt with all the girls now I’m always set up Dale and think about it but anyhow thanks again for your come back and I’ll get I’ll keep in touch with you and work my way through this I’m slow but will make it work

congratulations on being 80…that alone is great…and to take on plasma cutting and a new table…very adventurous.

from the way I read your note you must be using speech to text…am I correct?

we will try to help one problem at a time…

hi-- yes Idid, was at hospital with wife so used phone . I try to type but with one finger and my scilles its about the same. yes I use Inkscape and paid copy of sheet cam , but I don"t know if I got right file, book says 1.6 or 1.5 for g code I think I got 1.6 loaded but don"t know if its right. fire control 1.10 thc, 1.2ls for crossfire. table moves with key board and buttons in firecontrol . torch fires with trigger but will not fire with manual in fc. did the checks that danial sent and they passed, so I don"t know where to go from here? ty Denny