Newbie fusion 360 Problem

hello all,

I am new to the plasma table and using fusion360. I currently have gotten my table up and working and now I am trying to work out the bugs and such. My problem right now is that I can not get fusion 360 to load dxf files… I can get it to do svg files tho but i have a guy that wants some cutting done that is a dxf. any help?? so far this forum has been help so i figured i would reach out. thanks. When I try to load the dxf it gives me a error message saying it can load and when I click learn more there isn’t anything else stated on the error.

This member had that same problem a few months ago:

As you can tell by the title, the issue was finally resolved with a Fusion 360 update. I would check and see if there are any updates available for Fusion 360 and try to push it. The reason I say that is that I used to have a slow internet connection and often Fusion would try to update and eventually give up and never complete the process.

The other thing is you could go to one of the conversion sites, such as
and convert the DXF to an SVG. You will want to calibrate the dimensions after importing to be sure that you have not lost some of the detail sizing.

Another option is you could supply your dxf and one of us could import and send the f3d file back to you. You could do that publicly or thru the private messaging of this forum.

I realize these “work-arounds” are not what you were hoping for but I assume that you were previously able to import DXF files and recently lost that ability and want it back. As we found out on that previous topic, none of our suggestions were helpful. Something is probably awry in a file in Fusion 360.


I’ll start by asking how you’re trying to load the DXF’s.

When loading DXF’s, I’ll start with a new (blank) sketch and import the DXF. Fusion will prompt for location and provide the option for scale. (Usually I leave scale alone as it matches the AutoCAD dimensions.)

I will admit that there are early versions of DXF that can cause issues. If you have access to AutoCAD, see if the DXF will load and save as a newer version.

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So I will try to update and also I have been just going to insert tab on a new sheet and pulling from my computer. I also tried to pull a dxf from Langmuir site to try and it wouldn’t upload it.

Based on your statements, that should be working. Prior to the “attempted” update, can you provide your Fusion version #? (upper corner question mark → About)

Fusion 2.0.18441 x86_64

That is the most recent one. I just updated today.

Could I send you the dxf and see if you can open it?

Of course. Either attach the file here or feel free to

Sent pal thanks

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The DXF imported without issue. Here’s the Fusion file if you want to use it.

Pipe Support SW v1.f3d (46.7 KB)

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Interesting so idk what I am doing wrong

I would look at graphics card settings in Fusion. From Preferences → General look at your graphics card driver. If Auto, try OpenGL. Or DirectX. See what works for you.

What kind of specs on the system running Fusion?

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