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Hello everyone! We just ordered the crossfire Pro, should here be in a few weeks.
My first question is… what should be my top priority,
While I’m waiting for my table to arrive. And what other tips/suggestions do you have

Plenty of dry air is the most important thing. The filter attached to the plasma cutter isn’t enough. At the very least, you need a one quart sized desiccant dryer and a Motor guard filter on the line going to the plasma cutter.

Second is running a 50 amp 220 line for the plasma cutter.


What plasma cutter are you going to run?

You need to learn Fusion 360. Watch every plasma video you can find. Set up a dry air system per the forums instructions. Get your electrical system figured out and implemented.
By the way welcome to the family…


Learning and understanding the software.

Running a plasma table is far less metal working and far more computer working.



I bought the Razor 45

Yeah… I’m working on the electrical stuff this week.

We’re figuring out it’s more computer learning than anything else.

There’s also the 2D free software LibreCAD paired with SheetCam.

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Where can I find the info on how to run the air system on here?

Use the search function (magnifying glass) in the upper right hand corner. Search for dry air or air system or something along those lines and you should find plenty of reading…

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More on compressor setup

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Hello, I’m upgrading my 5HP 60gal compressor with an aftercooler (Hayden 1290). This is an air/air cooler that is in between the compressor pump and the tank; the tank will store dry(er) air as opposed to dry it when it comes out. I have (and plan to upgrade too) extra filtering at the plasma cutter, but that is not part of this discussion.

My question is: the radiator will reduce the temperature of the air just after compression. By doing so it will create (a lot of) liquid condensate; what is the best “device” to put just after the radiator and before the tank? I do not really want to put a moisture absorber here; I was about to put a copper Tee junction with a 1/4 valve pointing down for liquid water to accumulate and be evacuated.

This is a long read on the forum. Just search air compressor setup.

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I’m running a simple autodrain water seperator in between tank and cooler. It dumps a lot of water out of it after compressor shuts off.

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