More on compressor setup

Hello, I’m upgrading my 5HP 60gal compressor with an aftercooler (Hayden 1290). This is an air/air cooler that is in between the compressor pump and the tank; the tank will store dry(er) air as opposed to dry it when it comes out. I have (and plan to upgrade too) extra filtering at the plasma cutter, but that is not part of this discussion.

My question is: the radiator will reduce the temperature of the air just after compression. By doing so it will create (a lot of) liquid condensate; what is the best “device” to put just after the radiator and before the tank? I do not really want to put a moisture absorber here; I was about to put a copper Tee junction with a 1/4 valve pointing down for liquid water to accumulate and be evacuated.

I put an auto drain after mine.

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Thanks, would you share which make/model you use? It auto drains when it’s full or when pressure drops after each cycle?

Sorry, meant to post this earlier but I got distracted.

It’s all in there.

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Thanks but I’m confused, in the first post you mentioned an auto drain, in this more elaborate post (thank you!) you list a manual HF one :slight_smile:

It seals under pressure, so when the pump starts, but then when pressure stops it releases and drains.

Yeah but the one linked in that post has a push-button drain!

I was thinking to get this:,8789.html?b=d*8082

The link is correct, that filter will drain itself. When it’s under pressure you push it to drain it. When there is no pressure, it unseals and drains.

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You can use one of these between the cooler and the tank. This one has an auto drain, the water lifts a small float and will drain the water as needed.

Water Trap with auto drain

Thanks @jtaj77. I have indeed one of those (along with a coalescing filter and a desiccator and a motorguard) next to the plasma cutter. For the radiato to tank connection, I ended up getting the slightly bigger unit I listed above from TPTools. I still have to test the system as the flared nuts I got were the wrong size, but it’s shaping up to be a pretty good system. I’ll post pictures once I have validated it.