New Touch Probe in the Store

Looks like an updated probe has been released. I just ordered one, but i havent had my MR1 long enough to know if my old probe has issues.


Ordered one myself. Thanks for the heads-up.

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I still haven’t assembled my MR1 - working on getting my custom base built and I have to do it in my spare time right now. If this is to address issues with the first one, do you think they would just swap me out?

I don’t know. I have a working one at this point. I do want the a version 2 though.

Those of you that have an existing probe, please hold off from ordering a V2!

We’re going to be adding (probably today) a retrofit kit to the store which includes the components needed to convert your probe to the V2 design. Basically includes a new PCB, three additional ball studs/nuts, a new stylus mount, and a new housing (6 holes on the bottom instead of 3). This retrofit kit is going to be offered at cost.

I’ll be making a post that provides more detail later on.


Hahaha. I read the original post and ordered instantly… I canceled that order. I’ll wait for the upgrade kit. I guess I got a little trigger happy with the ordering. :slight_smile:

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Here is the link for the retrofit kit.


Im glad they offer a retrofit, but i wanted a whole spare anyway. Its nice to have spare measuring tools, especially one I treat like a battering ram.

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Just called to complain about having to pay 35$ for a V2 kit +shipping when my probe never worked in the first place. Was put on the list to receive one at no cost. Just a heads up for the other people who think it’s crazy to have to keep paying for stuff that doesn’t work :slight_smile:

I should have done that. The shipping cost is insane. I thought I’d buffer it a bit by getting an endmill that I needed, but that was an additional $6. To ship a 1/4" endmill in an existing package?

I do appreciate the low cost upgrade kit. I’m hopeful that by moving to the more common 3-pin solution that they will also have removed the 5V positive body and probe pin voltage.

I pinged our website team about the calculated shipping cost- i agree that is way too high.

The pinout remains the same for these probes so that they are plug and play (5v, ground, and signal out). Signal out is pulled up to 5v, logic low indicates the probe has tripped. I’m not the electronics guy on the team, but they set it up this way to avoid for noise reasons to avoid false triggers.


is the dingus end bigger too or is that just the pictures making it look bigger?

I guess you don’t ship things very often. Thats the going rate for a USPS small box now. FedEx and UPS are higher.


Yeah, that seems like normal FedEx rate to me.

My god man. I guess you’re just mad.

USPS doesnt come to businesses for daily pickups. Asking a manufacturer to ship USPS is clown shoes.

USPS doesnt even make an attempt at customer service for commercial customers. They dont assign reps, they dont assign accounts, you dont get net 30. USPS is for Ebay and your grandma’s birthday cards.

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That doesnt work and never has. Instead of posting a cut and paste, why dont you try calling your USPS rep (hint: no such thing) and get your business set up with them? My monthly freight billings exceed 90k and I am speaking from experience here.

USPS has claimed they can support businesses for years and never have been able to. Anyone who says otherwise does NOT run a business.

They had to bring in outside contractors to restructure their system just to work the Amazon deal. They didnt have the inhouse knowledge and capability to tackle it. If they couldnt do that, how do you suppose they would treat small potatoes outfits like LS?

Next time you should cut and paste a picture of a net 30 USPS bill. Another hint: no such thing.


As a very squeeky wheel regarding the troubles of the touch probe V1, although this hasn’t been a confirmed fix as of yet - I just wanted to extend a tip of cap at the fact that LS has at least addressed the issue, and offered a solution. It’s been very long awaited, but I’m super stoked at the idea of having a functional touch probe again. I’ll be ordering the V1>V2 kit immediately.


um, yea they do. my (small) biz has daily pickup. free packaging material, and most of my crap fits in flat rate setups, so nice known shipping costs. My buddys mid size biz is the same. 20k in shipping a month and same shit. free boxes and daily pickup with tracking.
you are correct that you dont get a rep, or net 30/90 but the amount we save is worth it.

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Let us know here once the shipping cost is adjusted. I’ll order once that is adjusted - probably along with the collet holder & setter riser.