NEW: Download and Share Cut Ready G-Code on FireShare

Today we are excited to announce our first major update to FireShare!

Starting today you can upload and download cuttable G-Code files for your CrossFire CNC. FireShare accepts .tap, .nc, and .gcode file types that are compatible with FireControl and Mach3. FireShare renders a visualized cut path so you can see what these programs look like without loading an image or vector file.

This update also allows you to customize Feed Rate and Pierce Delay on download so you can tailor the files you download for your particular material, thickness, and plasma setup. With FireControl 20.5, you can scale and rotate any compatible program downloaded from FireShare so you can truly make any file fit for your needs.

Over the next few weeks we will be making even more updates to FireShare with features like:

  • Direct connection to FireControl so you can quickly access your G-Code files from FireShare right at your CrossFire machine.
  • Upload Projects for personal use or toggle to share publicly with the community.
  • Cut Chart recommendations so you can select recommended Feed Rate and Pierce Delay settings for your cutter, material, amperage, and thickness.
  • Notifications when your projects are commented, downloaded, remixed

We think that this update makes FireShare much more useful and we hope the Langmuir Systems community does too. We are excited to hear what you think!


potentially fantastic !