Need a little help with inkscape/sheetcam

wanting to cut out this raider image for die hard bed ridden fella.
kinda stumped with learning ink, then putting it in sheetcam settings.

watching tutorials on sheetcam and i guess having red lines inside yellow lines is not good. how do i fix that?

been a week since i have fixed the binding issue so tables is all good.
my sheetcam is not the full version yet. how do i even know how many lines i have in the drawing?
better to buy full version of sheetcam on langmuir site or go to the actual sheetcam site?
is there a better combo than inkscape and sheetcam?

anyone in W.A, lynnwood, everett, lakestevens, marrysville area thats really good with this machine and program to show me full depth.

Ill be following this thread Yen… im new to this as well and will be using inkscape myself. Hopefully someone will reply in with an answer soon. This forum seems to be a really helpful group

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Everything seems good with my image, and I copied your picture… I have the full version of sheet cam. So I’m guessing you’re above the limit of lines

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oh yah…you have reached the line limit of the free version…no doubt about it.

buy it from Langmuir or from sheetcam makes no difference …only the price does.

if you can post the SVG file we can look at it for you


I use a different vector drawing program than Inkscape. Affinity Designer. It’s runs smoother and handles bigger files better with more accuracy for drawing like you’re using a CAD. I have a you tube channel showing how I use it in conjunction with sheetcam, and I also offer 1 on 1 zoom classes on workflow and table operation. Send me a private message if you’re interested.


Why the wrong font for “Raiders”? Looks so off by not using the correct font.

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thnx i will check out your channel

idk, its what he wanted. im not really big on football so i never bothered to double check the font… just googled the team and i wouldve never tell the difference had you not told me.

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Can’t use exactly the same font, it needs to be a stencil font.

Those guys must be good tho. It must be hard playing with only one eye!


It’s easy to add tabs on the two Rs, A and D with the Raiders’ actual font. Perhaps a bold arial or helvetica or other similar family of fonts. A default stencil font is not necessary. Working in Inkscape so no issues to make tabs.

I’ve been a commercial photographer for more than 20 years and have done design for clients. Aesthetics in design is noticeable.

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Yep. I just did a sign for someone with Japanese characters on it so from the beginning I told them the characters would be completely cut on and on another layer. I didn’t want to add tabs since I don’t understand the language and how a tab could affect it.

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That could have been either inadvertently funny or very bad form and no way to tell until after delivery :smile:

I’ve cut this logo before and have the dxf file ready to go if you want it…

Used an aluminum background. I think its 23.5" top to bottom.


yes, that would be so helpful, it would be the 1st thing my table ever cut. i just purchased the license for sheetcam like 10min ago.
just found out my buddy is given 9months to live, so this will make him very happy. just wanna do my part in making him get the most of it. :metal:

What table do you have? Crossfire? Crossfire gen2? Pro?

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crossfire pro. i weld on the side and my buddy convince me to get this table so be patient with me because im at rookie level with it. im trying to absorb all this tutorials and how to.

we are all very patient…we all care…


Here’s the dxf

raiders.dxf (136.1 KB)

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ummm i just downloaded the file and put it in sheetcam. and the size is a bit too small. how do i adjust the size?
i didnt make any adjustments,just saved to “tap” - then to fire control, and i get the message saying the “torch started moving before cutting” increase pierce delay…

have the ground clamp onto the part,
has water on table

I’m not sure how sheet cam and fire control work as I use f360 and mach.

Did you import the dxf into sheetcam as mm or inches?

If it was mm then the design would only be about 1" tall.

Try importing as inches if there is a way. Otherwise you would need to scale the drawing in sheetcam.

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