Need a little help with inkscape/sheetcam

when you hit import this pops up

you can change it here


THNX EVERYONE and specially to burgs04, i ended up welding some tabs in the back and he wanted the whole face.
im still soaking tryna learn the program.
once again thnx fellas. im glad this forum is very helpful


May I ask how you would delete the borders of that image in Inkscape so that when imported into sheetcam the borders would not be cut?

SheetCam doesn’t have a lot of editing capability, but what it does have is the ability to cut only certain layers.

You need to move the contours that you don’t want in the output to a new layer and then never use that layer in an operation.

To do this is simple, but may not seem so. I’ll explain, but if you don’t get it, I HIGHLY recommend that you watch ArcLight Dynamics tutorial on Contour editing.

In sheetcam you can select various edit operations. Depending on the version you’re using, the tool button has been moved, but you want to ‘Edit Contours’. Find that button and select it. Then hover your mouse over the contours you want to eliminate, click on the contour to select it, right click to get a new menu and select move contour to a NEW layer. Call this layer ‘hidden’ or something equally meaningful.
Do this for all the contours you want to remove (move them to the Hidden layer).
Once you’ve done this, in the ‘Layer’ window on the left side, uncheck ‘Hidden’. All the layers you want to go away will disappear.
Then cut the rest of it.


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