MR-1 Pallet Jack Frame

I made a lower frame for my MR-1 to help move it around using a pallet jack or forklift. It came out looking pretty good so I thought I’d share the design here.

The frame is 4x4" 11 GA square tube. It sits on top of the leveling feet mounts, bolting down to them through the top side of the square tube with a 5" long fastener. The tube frame has 3/8-24 weld nuts on the bottom side to receive leveling feet. This component stackup allows 3"+ clearance for a standard pallet jack.

I added a sheet of pre-finished marine ply to the top side, affixed with teks screws at each corner.

I have a Fusion model of this if anyone is interested:

5" hardware is McMaster 91247A644
Weldnuts are McMaster 93975A320
Leveling feet are Mighty Mount #MM80243 from

Enjoy - Chiliarch


Thanks for sharing the detailed part numbers too!

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Nice design…can you forward the F360 design to me at


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Thanks for the compliments and interest. Here’s a link to the F360 project. Let’s see if this works…

TCC MR-1 Lower Frame


That is really nice looking! Excellent design and execution.

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Thanks everyone. Here’s a basic drawing in case it helps.
TheCustomCab MR1 Lower Assembly Drawing v1.pdf (78.4 KB)

File is also shared here:

If anyone wants to go in and add weld symbols that would be spiffy. I’ve mostly forgotten all of that stuff, so help is appreciated.

Base drawing file (link a few comments above) is updated with materials and part numbers to match the drawing too.


Hey @chiliarch this is incredible. I’m looking at buying a used machine and am going to use this to transport it home, I think. From the drawings and the F360 file, it looks like there are three pieces that are 30.75" and then there are longer ones. I assumed that they would be 38.75 but the measurements I’m pulling from F360 show 37.7". Could I bother you to confirm the dimensions of those long pieces/the overall exterior dimensions? I don’t have the machine to measure and am going to have to drive 3.5 hours to pick it up, so I’m trying to make this assembly sight unseen.

Hi Glad you like it.
I checked measurements on the machine - they match my drawing. I realized that I missed some overall dims on the drawing though, so here’s an update. The machine isn’t square, it’s 38.75 in one direction and approximately 37.7 in the other. Hope this helps
TheCustomCab MR1 Lower Assembly Drawing v4.pdf (60.6 KB)

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Amazing! Thanks for your reply. This helps a bunch.

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Sure thing. Looking forward to pictures!