MR-1 First Parts. Post them here 🦾

Here is the first part off my MR-1! Actually the second because of a tool path issue :sob:. But anyway here it is.

Post your first part in this thread!


Wooot! Congrats, looks great!

So how did it come out spec wise?

Dimensionaly how did it turn out???

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the part seems to have turned out better than my calipers can measure. ill try the diamond and find out.


I’m amazed. But I come from a Shapeoko background. How hard is it to hit 10ths on other machines?

The circle diamond square on cad was supposed to be 1.5, 1, and diamond pattern was .7071.

Initial impression: This machine appears to easily hit tenths with a .003 finish pass at 24IPM


Nice work!! Awesome seeing these projects!!

Care to come clean on the tool path issue you encountered on the first partt? Was it simply a human error? Heck, We all make them … well, I make a lot of them. Maybe I make enough to cover those that don’t :joy::rofl::joy:

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@JoeLightning cut my chamfer on the wrong side of the part. and the tool didn’t even mind. may i give a Shoutout to the Langmuir tool lineup for not breaking after 1 full day of me trying hah!

also… dont run a 3" slitting saw from the cheapest amazon supplier. just don’t.


Let us know what new splitting saw you decide to go with. One tool I don’t have.

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That’s awesome. Love that you are using the tool setter and probe. Not sure how to use them yet. I was hoping for a video from Langmuir soon.

Very soon!


Thank you. I have them run in my cabinet but, put off to the side till I finish my base plate.

Looks like a con rod for a 883 sportster. :rofl:

Seriously though … nice job! Love the use you the probing function as well!

Well that wasn’t so bad. good lesson for us who need substantially more practice reviewing tool paths in Fusion. Thanks for sharing

Rotator My daughter might get a little but hurt if that was a crack against her 883 lol


Love those ape hangers. Diehard biker myself.

That bike is pretty dang cool. Thanks for sharing. I love anything with two wheels and an engine.

@rotator careful what you ask for haha!