MR-1 build with mods

How do you like the locations of your switches? I’m currently in the process of relocating mine. I know down low seems to be popular. I was really wonder about the top left on the side of the cabinet.

I have been happy with the location. I do think up higher would be nicer but would need to do the bi-fold door mod so the switch would still be accessible when the door is open.

I have them on the top-right of my cabinet on a magnetic base (so I can move them anywhere). That works well for me.


I like that switch. I was considering a magnetic option also.

Thanks. I’m thinking keep them above the PC. I have it mounted on the same leg you do.

This is where I mounted mine. It seems to work well.


Where did you get your setup?

I built it myself. It’s just a run-of-the-mill toolbox with a self-made monitor bracket.