Miller 375x wiring

Pro w/THC

Does anyone have details on wiring up for voltage divider on miller 375x, I found info for torch from chow-pay in this form, but nothing on voltage divider


Dont mean to beat a dead horse but did you have any luck hooking it up? Im just looking into hooking my 375 up to the vim box.

Hi Andrew, no I did not, didn’t want to start opening things up and guessing, however I bought a machine torch for razorweld that uses the hyperterm fine tip and been playing with that in between some wood project orders I have.

As for the 375, was looking at different torches and machines to get a fine cut for art work, the one from PlasmaDyn USA is working out fine, pricey, but good

@Andrew - did you ever figure it out? I have a 375 x-treme that I will need to wire up THC.


I have a Miller Spectrum 375 x-treme that I also would like to try out.


Manual Page 39
Miller Spectrum 375 x-treme maunal

#12 & 13# for Raw voltage is likely what i will try on mine when I get to it.

edit NOT #13 please keep reading

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When you get it working, would be good to post details, thx les

BTW - I never tried mine, the razorweld is working out fine for now

12 would be positive and the electrode wire (white) would be negative.

I think you are right. I Cracked it open.

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looks like this middle lug is TE-3 from the diagram

and the righht lug is TE-4 from the diagram

Yep, that’s were the wires go alright.