2021 Miller 625X-TREME new machine wiring

Has anyone used a 2021 625X. The wiring diagram is not same as others I have seen and miller says the cnc panel is not compatible with the 2021 and the machine torch is not in the manual as a option. I have attached the wiring diagram this is a picture of the diagram from the manual that came with mine. Also concerned about wiring in THC

Thanks for any help,

I guess no one had a good answer, I finally got a hold Miller and they said I would have to wire internally and it will still work but they do not support a CNC kit anymore after 2020.

How did you end up wiring it? Pictures?

This is where I would start to look to connect for raw voltage.

It’s similar to my miller spectrum 375 .

On mine, I have a red/white wire and packet of white cables on one binding post, and one white wire I know is work lead. Am I attaching to binding post with packet of white wires and white wire (work) next to it?

By the looks of the diagram red/wht circuit is for the pilot Arc.

Take and post a picture of exactly the points you’re talking about in your machine it’ll be helpful now and for somebody in the future.

This is where I’m splicing in at. I’m assuming that the red and black are raw voltage not divided voltage. I already have torch wiring figured out by pushing trigger and looking for it to short on meter.

The lug in the middle and the lug underneath that bundle of white wires for your raw voltage.

The setup is the same as the Miller spectrum 375 or the Hobart 40i.

I believe in this forum link the color code is swapped though.

Middle lug black

right lug red