Millermatic Auto Line 875 THC wiring

Has anyone wired in the auto torch height controller on this machine? Would like to direct wire to the machine.

I think it’s the same as the Miller 375 and the Miller 675 and the Hobart 375 as well.

Search any one of those on here and they’ll be some info.

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Something like this.

Negative on the electrode. Black

Positive on the work clamp Red

And the trigger is in purple.

Use at your own risk.take a really good look inside your unit before you get started.

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Gonna try attaching a couple pics? Is this how it would go? I do have the torch firing hooked up and working just trying to hook up the THC. Apparently as a new user I can’t attach a pic.

Does this make sense?

IMG_0869.pdf (165.7 KB)
IMG_0870.pdf (186.3 KB)

It’s hard to see with the really tight shots but yes a lot of times it ends up being a lug like that.

The black wire gets connected to electrode B lug which has 2 wires connected to it. The red wire gets connected to the clamp that gets put onto the metal being cut?

Yes the polarity is opposite to conventional intuition.

Your machine is a direct current electrode negative power source.

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Thanks for the help much appreciated it seems to be working!

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