Maisonvi "Build" Thread

Im used to car forums, so I thought I’d make a “build” thread on here to post my stuff vs constantly making posts for the things I do with reference to the MR1. Hopefully thats less annoying.

My background is Im a mechanical engineer at an automation company, but Ive worked in 3 or 4 machine shops before getting my degree and doing design. I miss the ability to make stuff and now am slowly building up a small shop in my barn to make parts for my race car and other things.

I didnt build my MR1, I ordered it fully assembled. Was one of the first people a year ago to put down a deposit minute one of pre-orders, and I just got it this past Friday. With my work schedule, renovating a house and two young kids, I knew there was no way I was going to be able to find time to put it together.

But as I said, delivered last Friday. They dropped it off at the end of my (100 yard long) driveway, which was less than ideal. But with some OSHA safety violations, and an hour of work, I got it to my barn and off the pallet.

Now I need to level it and run the spindle break in procedure. Hopefully I can find time this week to do that.


I’m curious about your jack setup. I don’t understand how that let you pull the machine off of the pallet. Did you use a pair of jacks?

It’s interesting to see the X bracing that Langmuir added for the move. Makes sense and easy to do. Someday I’ll put my machine on casters and can temporarily install X-bracing when I’m moving it.

I used 2 floor jacks to lower each side one 2x4 height at a time so it didnt come down too fast and tip over. Still, balancing the mill on a stack of four 2x4s was kinda sketchy.


Few things here today as well. I ordered the toe clamp kit. DIdnt like the idea of it just haning out in a box or on the bench, so I 3D printed a holder for the kit.

Also, I realized I missed ordering the Langmuir parallels. I know I have seen people with some from amazon. Has anyone ordered any and had any luck? Or is just going with the OEM set the way to go?

Last thing, for the vices, I had planned to make my own toe clamps vs buying the ones Langmuir has. Does anyone have a rough drawing of these? I can measure up what I would need, but if anyone has a drawing that would be handy.


Does your machine have the new drain behind the base plate? If so could you send a picture or two.

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It does, I can snag a pic when I get home tonight. I dont have any now.

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Thank you so much.

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post them here. Also I want to see the epoxy base! that thing is premium!

Here are some quick pics I snagged this morning before leaving for work. Let me know if you see anything you want more detail of.


Thank you for those pictures

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it’s been a bit since I’ve seen a clean machine. that looks awesome!


Very nice! I like the tooling organizer. I want to do something similar but shorter to fit in a toolbox drawer.

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Anyone else seen this error? I can find anything searching.

I have a mini stand alone computer that Im planning to use for my MR1. Its just an old computer my dad had that I had wiped clean. Only thing on it this point is google chrome and cut control.

Well it would be cut control if I could get it to run right. I downloaded the “CutControl-22.1.1.msi” progroam and tried to get it to load, but it just keeps giving me the 3 attached error message.

I tried it on my laptop and it works fine, but this computer wont. Ive attached a picture with the specs of the computer. Again, it has nothing else on it other than cut control.

I will say the computer is not connected to the internet, currently my house wifi doesnt reach the barn. But my understanding is I dont need it connected to the internet to work. Anyone have any idea what to do here?

Printed an adjustable vice stop today. Should help with positioning of repeat parts.

Running the spindle break in now. Fingers crossed

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Surfaced the build plate yesterday. Came out pretty good. Tiny little spot in the top left corner, but not enough to take any more off.

I did notice that there is a decent leak in the guarding on the side (dripping off the screws). Will have to look at how to seal this up. Same with the door. Ive seen people have done things to seal this gap up. Ill have to look at what has worked best there.

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They dont surfaces the plate when ordering a assembled machine?

Guess not. Im ok with them not really. Taught me how to load and run a program and this way I can make sure everything is flat and true once I leveled the machine. Not that there would be a ton a flex, but I could see shipping and moving causing slight change in position and this way I know its true to the spindle.

I might run a version with the fly cutter to get it smoother, but this is probably good enough.

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I am looking at your drain and I do not think you have enough drainage on this machine has been a pain from the get-go. Did you do a test yet… I would be interested to see how much you flow with or without chips

We will have to see how it goes once I start cutting for real. The 5 drains are nice, but I want to make something to keep chips out of them better. Probably print a few holders and do the scotch brite pad method

Almost all the coolant goes down the drain. I haven’t filled it with chips yet. But the other 4 should handle it. The drain is 3/4 straight into the sump. I’ll test it out soon and update you.

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