Machine Torch Mount

Hi guys, moved a few pics out of a comment thread over to here.
These fit the supplied mount with you drilling one more hole to mount the second holder.
Bored to fit most of the common machine torches in the 1-3/8" OD range.
If you have a large amp version 1-3/4" OD body. I can probably bore to that as well.
These are manual machined in my hobby shop not cnc, so tolerances are not at the .0004" of the F360 post process. Lol!

85$ shipped conus.

Thanks. Steve.


The 1 3/8 body is often referred to as a 35 mm depending on the source of the torch.

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Thanks Richard! That’s good to know!

A few more 1-3/8" or 35mm Machine Torch mounts going out soon. $85 shipped.

Thanks, Steve.


@Lil_Abners_Kustoms I would like to buy a set.


Thank you! They’ll go out on Monday. Have a great weekend.


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I would like to purchase a set from you. How do we arrange payment?

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Hi, good morning. You can PayPal me $85 at SABNER50@GMAIL.COM.
I am sending out a few sets today and can mail yours as well.
Please reply with your address.

Thanks for the opportunity!


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Do you have any more mounts for sale? I am interested as well and have PP ready to go if you do. Let me know. Thanks!

I’d like a mount if you have any still.

Hi guys, @RaceWear and @bjsummerfield. I just picked up some of the round stock as well a some flat plate that I’m taking a minute to prototype a mount. I originally started with the 3" bar stock since it’s what I had and and could easily figure what was needed to make it work. I think the plate material could be a good mount as well, while not all roundy and pretty looking, it will be a bit slimmer and might integrate better since there seems to be many machine torch types available out there.
So yes, I will have some mounts ready to go in the next week or so and will reach out to you guys for payment when ready. I’ll also preview the new style to you beforehand to make sure it is to your liking.

Thank you again for the interest, it has given me more machine time which nothing beats OJT as far as I’m concerned. :slight_smile:

Best, Steve.


Sounds good to me. Thanks!

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Just a thought / question… My new HT 45XP machine torch has the vertical feed rail for a z-axis on the front. Is there any way to notch either the round or new square prototype you are making so that will fit? I’m not sure that my torch will fit the round one as it is currently designed. That said, the rail might also be removable - I literally took it out of the box today at lunch and then went back to work so didn’t take a really close look.


Not a problem. The rail has small countersunk screws holding it on but doubly check. Nice torch btw!

I’ll check. I kind of remember seeing screws.

Thanks! My torch is similar, but not that exact one. I just found that pic online but I think it’s for a larger machine. At any rate, they look about the same design wise.

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Too fricken cool not to share.

@RaceWear polished his new mounts and they look amazeballs!



oooooo…purty! :slight_smile:

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should be two small screws that hold it on.

One set left, $85 shipped. Next run they will be $100, still shipped free in the US.


Im waiting for my machine torch to show up saturday or the vender to reply to me, but i would like a set. should i just Paypal $100 and the torch size?