Mach3 Screen Mods

We talked about starting this thread in another thread so here it is.

This is the latest Mach3 screenset that I have put together, it shows a pierce counter and a timer that keeps track of how long your torch has actually been firing.

There are 3 files that you will need to download, the first one is named Modded Plasma.set, you will copy this one to your Mach3 folder, then there is a m3.m1s and a m5.m1s file that will need to be copied into your Mach3 macro folder in the CrossFire-v1.1 folder. Be sure to copy your original m3 and m5 files somewhere safe in case you don’t like this screen. If you are one that has modded your screen already and have added any code into your m3 or m5 files then you may want to just copy and paste the code into your already modded files.

After you have copied the 3 files into the correct folders then you can open up Mach3 and under the “View” tab up top then you can select “Load Screens” and choose the “Modded Plasma.set” then you should see the new screen with the pierce counter and firing time, there is a simulation button that when you turn it on the numbers will be saved and the led below will flash until it is turned off at which time the saved numbers will be put back into the boxes. You can also clear out the numbers when you turn it on in case you want to run a program without your torch and see how many pierces or how long the torch will be firing to check your duty cycle time.

There is also a new tab up top called “Misc” right next to the Diagnostics Alt-7 tab, this is where you can enter your own numbers that will trigger the alarm for the pierce count.

Under the Feed Rate I put the Jog Mode button there to toggle between Cont and Step, mainly because I got tired of having to hit the tab button to change it.

There is a “Reset Pierce / Cut Time” button in the bottom right corner that will clear the numbers or you can just click on the boxes with the numbers and enter what you like then hit enter and they can be changed like that also.

If you don’t like or find this helpful then just go back to the Load screen and choose your original which is usually Plasma.set.

Hope that you enjoy this if you try it, it has been fun and frustrating trying to get it working like I want.

I will put them here and try to download the files also but you will need to delete the .dxf at the end of the files.

It would be interesting to see others screens that you have modded if you would share, I may find something else that I need on my screen.

Good luck.

m3.m1s.dxf (451 Bytes) m5.m1s.dxf (433 Bytes)
Modded Plasma.set.dxf (85.5 KB)

Dropbox Link to the same files.


Great. I never got to try your last set. A new lathe appeared in the shop and is taking a lot of time.

Outstanding job. For a guy who claims he knew nothing about Mach, you’ve done some awfully cool stuff.

Oh, if you up load some screenshots, the folks who haven’t been following this might see something that makes them want to do the mod or helps them verify it’s doing what it should when they make the mod.


That is correct Sir, never messed with Mach3 until about 3 months ago when I ordered my crossfire, most of the credit goes to one of the users at machsupport forum that showed me the code to use for what I wanted. I was able to do some of it myself by downloading and looking at other screensets that people had posted.

Here is a video that turned out longer than I expected that will show you how to download and install the screenset and a brief example of what you can use it for.

I forgot to mention in the video but if you don’t like it then just load your original screen set by going back to the view button and then the Load screen button.

Have fun.


As I’ve said before… Outstanding work Donald!!

If someone can make use of it?? Let me tell you… It’s already loaded!! Thanks a bunch!!

I didn’t make any major changes like you did but, I did move a couple of buttons around… I moved the Jog On/OFF button below the Jog Mode button and cleaned up a few of the boxes over by Edit G-Code and Run From Here buttons…(Only to handle my OCD)…

Again, Thanks Donald…

Here’s how mine looks now…


Glad to see that you are making use of it, I uploaded a newer one this morning that will make the pierce counter led flash green/yellow for caution then the outside box flashes red when the max number is reached.

Looks good, hope it helps with your OCD, lol I like numbers and once I looked at Mach3 like an excel spreadsheet it got much easier for me, except for the code.

Safe Cutting

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can you add the incremental steps unit box for when you click on the steps jog?

Let me know if this is what you are talking about. If not take a screenshot and circle what exactly you are wanting.

Same as before delete the .dxf and drop this in your main Mach3 folder and View then Load Screen.

Modded Plasma with step jog input.set.dxf (85.6 KB)

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looks good… i’ll try it out tomorrow with the table but i’m sure it’ll work… THANKS!

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It worked for me last night, just click the input box on the left side, I hit it on the right and it increased the speed, so watch for that.

Donald, great work for just getting into Mach3. Can you point me to the original thread so I can get an understanding of the original topic and discussion?

Maybe this one, it’s been a while and I’m out of town right now so I’ll look around again when I get home.

Is the anyway to make this portion of the screen in Mach 3 larger or open it up in a separate window?
That would be a great mod… see red arrow in pic below

I believe that one of the tabs up top take you to a larger screen of that same box, if we make it larger on the screen that you are showing then we will have to eliminate something else.

As Donald mentioned if you click either MDI Alt2 button or ToolPath Alt4 will change the view and have the Toolpath screen larger but these are completely different views. You can always create your own view as well. ToolJunkie from here and on YouTube created a custom view that he shared as well.


DWalls, what are the modified m3.m1s and m5.m1s files for? I created a new screen set by just deleting things I don’t use and copying and pasting buttons from the original Plasma.set screen and it works fine for me, even on new computers with a fresh install. But others are having problems with my screen set, like torch won’t fire???

In my mods I added the pierce counter and firing time, the modified m3.mis and m5.m1s files have the code in them to allow the counter and timer to work.

As far as just deleting and copying and pasting and moving buttons around you shouldn’t have to do any code modifying that I know of.

Not sure why they are having problems? Where is your screen set posted at?

Hope this helps.

Oh ok, I dont have any problems with my screen, ntk does. I double checked the code and compared it to the original plasma screen and everything is the same…

Here is the screen that I made…I had the same problem as you and made my own, I you want I’ll make one for you too…Let me know, Ralph

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