A simple Mach3 screen


Extract and place in mach3 Bitmaps folder.

Blue Backgroung.zip (350 Bytes)

Place in Mach3 parent folder and remove .dxf

PlasmaRusty.set.dxf (5.4 KB)


This is the first screen in post fixed…

PlasmaRusty2.set.dxf (5.1 KB)


You’re the man!

EDIT: it’s in MM! hahaha :facepalm:

I don’t see how thats possible cause I dont mess with metric and I just installed mach3 and my screen set on a brand new computer to run my table yesterday and it went smooth as silk. Open mach3 and press ctrl-alt-printscreen and paste that to paint and post it on here so I can see what you see.

Ok… load the original Plasma.set screen then go to the top and click Settings Alt6 tab, then at the bottom right, click UNITS Alt-U and the Inch light should come on and then go back and load the PlasmaRusty.set and it should be inches. You can lay a yard stick on the table and move the gantry and check to see if 20 inches is really 20 inches just for piece of mind.

really like the simplicity and the large map screen. Is the blue screen PlasmaRusty.set or PlasmaRusty2.set. I like the blue with large map.

Figured it out! Haha So the motor tubing was off, by a mile, steps were set to 8120, velocity was 40(wouldn’t jog faster than 40ipm) and the acceleration was way off.

I set it to the same parameters as Langmuir’s settings and it’s all good now. Bumped the acceleration to 80, see how that changes performance.

Ntk, good! I saw how to change that but I didn’t know if it was the right solution or not for you. There is different ways to get around configuring mach3 it gets confusing sometimes.

Dfrey, the blue background is plasmarusty.set. Plasmarusty2.set is the gray one

Rusty, It runs, doesn’t fire the torch though :man_facepalming:t2::man_facepalming:t2: Hahaha shows that it’s using the rnr motion controller though.

Good night! Does it fire by clicking the torch on/off button?

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Haha nope. My trigger I have wired in fires the torch. Close it and open the crossfire version of Mach and it works perfect. :man_shrugging:t3:

Ok I’ll look. It will be later this evening.

Try this, down to 1d.

that was it, just needed to go into the output signals and turn on output #1 and type in port number 3 and pin number 4.

Also, I’m not 100% sure if it’s how these other parameters differ from Langmuir’s, but it flies between cuts and when the g code is done, it instantly goes back to the beginning and I can jog the torch back over some material quickly to stop the splashing. Using the Crossfire profile when opening mach, it would lag when the g code was finished for a second or 2 before it would allow jogging.

I opened the plasma profile and made all the changes to it, that way if there’s ever a problem, I can resort back to a profile that I know works.

End of the day, thank you sir! This setup is way cleaner and simpler!

Awesome Nick! Glad it works now.

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see post below

replied to last post instead of your last entry. Don’t know if you saw it.so I downloaded your screen but have not been able to try it as my shop converted to spray booth for a month to paint my 55 chevy pickup. CF is up and running again but when I loaded g code for project I got generating tool path message that would not complete. I dry ran the program and it tracked fine, just no path on screen. Any Ideas as I really like the big screen

First question is, do you have the license installed or is it the free version?

yes, been running about a year now with no issues. reloaded base screen and path came up imediately, cut ran with no problems.

Ok good. I plum forgot about this thread! Been super busy lately. I think I need to add a regen tool path button under the patch screen. If yall think of things you want on the screen let me know and I’ll try to make it happen.

Is there a simple way to add the cut time timer to the screen?