Mach 4 Conversion

Anybody try their hand at using this setup with Mach 4? Ive got a liscence and i remember asking Langmuir if mach would work prior to ordering and they said no that only CC would. I suppose in order to get it up and running the only thing id need to do is replace their main board with my Smooth stepper and i/o board(C82).

Anybody thought through this more in depth? I have alot of features that i want that just arent avaiable in Cut Control just yet (surface mapping, 4th axis, tool libraries, tuning, and really just a whole nother lvl of control) Really wish they would have went the more open source route.

I have two options, either use my parts and license to build another cnc or convert this one. for now at least. But id like to hear your thoughts.


I started a thread here on conversion to LinuxCNC. Most of the content would apply to any alternative control software: Anyone thinking about LinuxCNC?