❇ Luddite non laser center pointer

All the talk about lasers on the forum has my inner luddite thinking…

What about a center pointer that;

-Needs no tools to install

-Does not required power

-Auto calibration


-One piece construction

-Highly accurate .

This is what I have come up with.

This pointer is 3d printed from PLA-CF and PLA-glow

You set your zero to the very point of the PLA-glow angle on the foot of the point.

I have tried this on my Hypertherm Powermax and it seem to work as intend with any fuss.

I am going to make a few small changes and post it to makerworld I may post the STEP file to Fireshare too (as a svg or something so you’ll have to change the extention. @langmuir-reilly when are STEP and STL being added to fireshare? )

I’ll post a link to the file on this topic when its up.


And a few photos of the real deal

Easily snaps on and off the retaining cap

Any suggestions for REV 2 ?

Also may someone provide me with the retainer cap diameter of the Razerweld and/or Everlast so I can make files for those torches too.


a great idea…but I do see people accidentally leaving it on and start cutting only to melt the dam thing…

it is a real cool looking pointer that is for sure…

And again you prrove that you do not sleep…



no doubt a few will burn. A Cheap lesson at only $.96 worth of materials

Maybe print it from bright orange PLA instead?


now that works…and at $1 each pretty cheap…selling a bag of 5 for $20…good mark-up.

Dragon’s Den would approve…ahahahaha

would you be able to deisgn them for all kinds of torch ends?


I bet within a few revisions I’ll be able to half the print time and material costs.


unless they knew I was giving the design away

yes if members provide diameters i can do that.

TinMan, Mrs. Bigdaddy2166, wants to know if you can make her a Stanley Quencher cup top remover. The tops get stuck on so tight you need water pump pliers to open them.
I bought one from Etsy, but it was total junk. Every woman in the US under 40 has one of these cups and all have the same problem. Maybe you could make lots of money :wink:


lets do it. I think my wife may have one of those cups .

here is another version

maybe make it mountable to the underside of a cabinet so both hands can be free to twist ?


Very clever, I like it! I will print one up as soon you post it to makerworld.


curse you!!!..


Please post this over at printables.com.

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Or crashing the pointer into the plate. Small dia at the tip, layer line. Snap.

I’ve been there done that with a pointer that I made that swaps out with the shield. Got sidetracked, came back, I knew I had my position set, clicked start, and shot the PLA shield into the plate, then ricocheted off the wall and across the trailer.


Version 2 is ready with a few improvements.


It prints faster and with half as much material.

A new tab to firmly install and remove the center finder

The clip now has a featherlight snap in and out so you are not yanking on the torch.

I am still holding off on posting the file till I make a couple small tweaks but if you want to try this version in the meantime DM me.

I 'll post some real photos once my phone charges up.


I’m honestly more in awe of your putting color gradients and shadows and everything on your cad pictures.

Go and shoot me a copy of that file please. I’ll print it up this weekend and give it a shot.


@TinWhisperer your acting skills are amazing…the agility and conviction to your craft of finger acting is oustanding…

Gonna send you my torch dimensions when I get back from vacay…gotta get me a few of those


Thank you, I really try to put myself out there. Finally on take 35 I had the prefect shot. As you can see all the studying I did last year made my hands very soft and smooth.

Do it! I’ll make some custom toolboy edition versions for you.

I feel like there should be a different word for vacation for after you retire.

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as my wife still works I guess I am now called BellBoy…Porter…Personal Assistant…


Sherpa, bonded servant, slave.


Here is a viewable 3D model link


better patten that one!!!

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